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Love Match Chart


Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarious Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Aries Fervent Passionate Assuring Poor match Unforgettable Opposites Strong attraction Ever lasting A great romance Argumentative Vibrant Dedication required
Taurus Passionate Well matched Tough luck Warm and cozy Highly emotional Steady and happy Passionate Rewarding Showdowns Good chances Stubborn Excellent match
Gemini Care-free Difficult Erratic Odd ends Packed with laughter Unusual Delicate Fickle minded Hot and cold Hard work Cool Perceptive
Cancer Differences Sharing & caring Direct Romantically dreamy Loving Difficult Hard work Paradise Aloof A wonderful match Painful Charming
Leo Intense Made for each other Fun Stressful Strong willed Uncomfortable Inspiring Strong attraction Passionate Different Entertaining A very romantic affair
Virgo Fiery Lot of common things Fickle minded Exciting Difficult love match Boring Inharmonic Slow and steady Strong Strong Not compatible Supportive
Libra Uncontrollable Exciting Wonderfully romantic Heavy going Good fun Strong Indecisive Strong Merriment Weak Praise worthy Fairytale love
Scorpio Warm Magnetic Difficult Strong attraction Ego clashing Passionate Emotionally stimulating Dangerous Mild Dynamic Conflict filled Tempting
Sagittarious Adventurous Wavy Fun loving Problematic Dynamic Different needs Scatterbrained Strained Thrilling Uncomfortable Hard work required Problematic
Capricorn Passionate Great No common points A caring couple Sweet and short Quite balance Not a strong couple Charming Fights Life long romance Tricky situation Passionate
Aquarius Fascinating Strong Good pals Disturbing Problematic Difficult A perfect love match Ups and downs Arguments Tremendous Marvelous Cautious
Pisces Uncomfortable Charming Painful Action packed Attraction Heavenly rewarding Picture perfect Problematic Unsteady Tearful Blissful

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