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Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2016

For those born between the dates November 22nd to December 21st Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac in the yearly cycle. If one trait could be assigned to them it could be being wanderers. Sagittarians are the seekers of knowledge and for them the best way to go about it is to hit the road and try to figure out and get answers. Sagittarians are mostly quite keenly interested in philosophy as well as religion since it caters to their innate desire to know what is the true meaning of life.

As represented by the centaurs of yore, Sagittarians are what you can call clear thinkers, they know what to look at when a confusing situation arises and this makes them a part of the solution always. They can be argumentative when they want to and sadly this might sometimes border on bluntness, they are not afraid to speak their minds and truth comes foremost no matter what the cost. Ruled by Jupiter Sagittarians are as just as the King of the Gods whose name the planet takes and you can be assured that they are as grand and expansive in thoughts. Much thanks to the powerful planet that rules them, Sagittarians are generally a lucky bunch, and that imbues them with a sense of optimism that is quite infectious. If you take the little trait of procrastination and impulsiveness aside, some of the most entertaining as well as thoughtprovoking people you will ever meet are Sagittarians.

The Sagittarians in Love

If there is one word that can be used for a Sagittarian when it comes to relationships it's freedom, they live it and crave it when it comes to almost every sphere in life. It doesn't mean that they cannot be in a relationship, but rather the fact that the definition of a relationship is very different for a Sagittarian than an Aries. Relationships tend to be very fluid and every changing for them and that makes them look ever fickle in love, they do tend to change their mind quite often and that might pose to be quite a problem for the people who love them.

The fact is that they are open and loving people who are not afraid to express their likes and desire, they are passionate and a whole lot of fun to be around. Where Sagittarians do actually lack, is being too set in their ways, this trait of theirs can be exasperating for their lover, as it is difficult to have a two-way communication streaming. If you take this trait away and can talk your Sagittarian lover into a more objective approach, they are capable of showing you a wonderful time. Sagittarians are generally quite idealistic about love and relationships, hence they expect nothing but the utmost best out of you. Once you have found yourself a Sagittarian mate you can be assured that life is never going to be the same.

Love in the Year 2016

The year begins with Jupiter entering your charts, and entering your zone of intimacy. Even though intimacy and vulnerability are not two of the most favorite words for a Sagittarian, but you can be assured that they do mean a lot. You will be able to find much more happiness and maybe true love, if you are willing to be a bit more sensitive and caring towards your loved one, and not seeing being vulnerable as a weakness. The transit of Jupiter lasts till almost mid-year, post which it enters Cancer and with that begins the period of lovable warmth.

A few pointers are in order for you for this year; you need to be extra compassionate and loving towards the people who love you and whom you love in return. The key to this year is balance and giving, you need to be able to practice generosity and giving in order to have someone who would be willing to do the same for you.

Pluto enters your planetary charts on the 31st of January, that might make for a period of sudden upheavals, you might experience a bit of discomfort with the amount of changes that the period might bring with it. This period continues till almost the end of February and when Neptune does retrograde again in April, you will see that the upheavals have led to a period of calm and tranquility and even opened up the possibility of meeting someone new.

Venus enters your charts in June and stays there till August. This is a period that you should truly be looking forward to, for all that is good and can happen to you in terms of love and relationship will be walking your way in this period. You can make plans of a getaway, of inducing new ways of telling your beloved that you love them and it will all be a period of bliss on the relationship front.

The end of the year sees you spending some time indulging the fun side of things, playfulness and flirtatiousness being the keys, for those of you who are single or for those committed, the year will see you having some interesting romantic memories that are bound to last you a lifetime.

So for all the Sagittarians out there, do not be afraid to show your true self, you are bound to have a lot of fun while doing it with all the memories that are just waiting to happen.