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Pisces Love Horoscope 2016

Pisces HoroscopeBorn between the dates of February 19th and March 20th Pisces is the twelfth sign in the Zodiac Cycle, since it is also the last and the final sign, it is quite normal to find that Pisceans embody, quite a few traits of all the eleven zodiacs put together. Much attuned to their spiritual side Pisceans are some of the most selfless and spiritually elevated people that you can ever find. Feelings are of utmost importance to them and it is something that defines them too. Much like the mystical waters in which the fishes representative of Pisceans swim, they are quite comfortable living in illusionary world, in a world where intuition and emotions reign supreme.

Being a water sign, Pisceans are rather easy going, they can adapt nicely to situations and make the most of what they have. The two fishes that represent the Pisceans also speak for the duality that the sign possesses, the balance of reality and illusion that the yin and yang sides of their personality. They thrive in the almost psychic abilities that they possess, and they are probably the most difficult to pin down amongst all the zodiacs. Their charitable and humanitarian side makes them sometimes vulnerable to being fooled, and that is something that the Pisceans need to be mindful off. Too much of even a nice thing can be a bad thing in such cases, hence be nice, but not so nice that you can be taken advantage of.

The Pisceans in Love

Much like the other Zodiacs who tend to attract the opposite towards them, something similar is the case with the Pisceans too. Pisceans generally like their partners to be down to earth and practical, for someone who is as far from the real world as a Piscean this would probably be like a polar opposite. For them their partner should be someone who is in control and can manage the small details of life, this is because Pisceans themselves are not too fond of details hence having someone who can ground them and take care of things would be a blessing.

Much like the fishes who sometimes like to swim closer to the surface and then go back into the deep sea, you can expect life and love to be a roller coaster ride with Pisceans they are prone to mood swings and that can pose to be a challenge for some. If you are really I love with a Piscean these are the testing periods and you will have to be patient with them, once the periods end they are definitely worth your while. They are some of the most intuitive and affectionate people that you can find and they are capable of understanding you very well and fulfilling all your expectations and needs.

Pisceans love to fantasize and live in their fantasy worlds, now this is both a good and a bad thing, bad only because they lose touch of reality and good because they will always come with new and different ways to keep the romance alive. Hence enjoy your time with your Piscean lover, they will make you see the other side of life that only they are capable of showing you.

Love in the Year 2016

The year is one that is filled with unusual social activity for the Pisceans, you are going to be occupied like there is no tomorrow and in a good way. You can expect a year which is more often than not, good to you with enough romantic activities lined up for you.

Mercury is in retrograde in your charts from the 28th of February, this means a time of getting a clearer perspective on things. If you are already in a relationship, this might be a time to take a step back and seeing things for what they are and how you want the next level to be.

This period of retrograde is really not about others, it is more about your personal self and how you have been going about things, you could have been ignoring your personal needs for the sake of making others happy. It is things like these that this period of evaluation is all about, so that you can get a fresher insight into your desires and needs.

Mercury enters your charts again on the 29th of May and is going to stay there until the 31st of July. Since the planet is not going to be in retrograde until June 7th, this is the perfect time to sort out and untangle the knots that you have been experiencing in terms of love life. This period is especially crucial for the couples for it means that you will be able to clear everything up. Once mercury turns retrograde again, you will see that complications again crop up, so it's better to do away with old ones, and be ready to tackle whatever comes in your way then.

What this period requires is a little tenderness and patience, listen to what your significant other has to say and you can course through the difficult period nicely. For those who are single this is the time for you to get your priorities right and figure out what is it that you're exactly looking for.

Neptune moves through your sign this year, you will find that this period makes you seem extra attractive and at the center of all attention. You will find yourself being invited to gatherings and social events, throughout this time. The other great thing about this busy socialness is that you might end up finding a potential partner at one such gathering or event. For those who are already committed the social calendar brings with it enough opportune moments with you lover and enough time for your romance to be on full flames.