Leo Love Horoscope 2016

Born between the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, as you can guess, Leos love being the center of attention. Of all the zodiac signs Leos are the ones you just cannot ignore, for their boisterous nature makes sure that they have your attention. Leos live for that sense of magnetism, they are ambitious and do know most definitely how to leave that favorable first impression. They are quite talented and will never shy away from the limelight. Being around a Leo is a wonderful experience the kind that makes you feel that warm, loving feeling inside. Pleasure is of utmost importance to Leos and they do make sure that they derive it out of anything and everything that they do. Daring and courageous, Leos are brave hearts and make sure that a task that they are handed with is met with utmost zeal and sincerity, the kind that only they can muster.

The Leos in Love

Leo is the sign that definitely rules the heart, so that does make it one of the most passionate of the sun signs out there in the zodiac. They wear their heart on their sleeve and make a show of it, they will let you know if they adore you and that will be done in such a fiery way that it will take your breath away. Leos ooze out sexual charm, the kind that allures and attracts all the other zodiac signs into their realm and makes sure that all is in their favor. Even though it may seem like your Leonine lover has a roving eye, Leos are but the appraisers of beauty in general and everything beautiful attracts them, even though it may sound like a fault, but Leos are generally faithful. The trick to a Leo's heart is to shower them with love and affection, once you do that you can be assured that they will never leave your side.

They are adventurous in love and you can expect new experiences coming your way regularly if you have a Leo lover. They choose their potential mates on the basis of how they are willing to let them lead the way. The need to be in control of a relationship is very integral for a Leo and that makes it precisely the reason why they seek lovers who are uninhibited and also intellectually compatible with them. The fact remains that Leos are one of the most fun zodiac signs to be with and that makes a relation with a Leo positively thrilling.

Love in the Year 2016

upiter enters your charts on the 27th of July and stays well until August 2015, the actual benefits of such a planetary alignment is the fact that the actual chances of finding love that is true have never been higher than this. Jupiter being the father planet ensures the fact that the right kind of miracle enters your life and makes all your dreams come true. Try to keep an open mind about love and all other affairs, so that it will ensure that the right kind of magic enters your life, and makes all that your heart desires in terms of love and relationships to be yours to claim.

Venus enters the Leonine Charts from the 12th of August to the 5th of September. As we all know Venus is the goddess and the planet of Love, and when it comes to love, it is but a gentle planet. Venus is going to give you the kind of charm and magnetism that attracts love your way. You must try your absolute hardest at this point of time to bring the person you've been eyeing, under your influence, for you are a force to be reckoned with and literally unstoppable during this time. For those who are already married, this is the time to add that extra spice and romance to your lives and make it even better.

The most important aspect this year that takes control is the fact that Saturn enters Scorpio and exercises influence over your domestic life. For those who are married, this is the year of unsettlements as well as happy news. This is the year when you make long term plans; those who are married might want to invest in the future, and those who are in a relationship but not married can see the seeds of the future being sown. The greater point here being that Saturn demands sacrifice, so in order to really get what you truly want you will have to make sacrifices, the kind that assure that what you want for the future can be nicely secured.

Talking about the other kind of love, or familial love; 2016 is the year that brings about a lot of changes on the domestic front too. You will find yourself taking care of a family member who means a lot to you. Though this may feel like a really hard time to deal with but do not worry, things will sail through on their own accord. Feel free to give attention to family this year, for this is the time when they need you the most, be grateful for what you are and surely everything will just fall into place.

One thing that needs to be remembered through all the times of hardship and errors is that Saturn is a great teacher, and, if anything else, the period of hardships shall prepare you to be able to face life head on. Hence enjoy the year 2016 to the fullest, for it is a year of many surprises.