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Gemini Love Horoscope 2016

Born between the dates of May 21st and June 22nd, the twins of Gemini are some of the most interesting people that you will have the pleasure of interacting with. Being governed by the planet Mercury, it says much about their Mercurial temperament. Much like the element mercury they have the capacity of being present in different states, and by states we mean personalities. The twins love to talk, and it is rather the driving force of their mind behind it. Witty and intellectually inclined, Geminis can probe almost any situation and view it with impartiality and clarity and give you a clear perspective on situations. The only con about them is probably their moodiness, you can never tell what personality the Gemini is channeling and that may be problematic at times.

The Geminis in Love
The talkative Geminis are the garrulous ones of the lot, there is no other sun sign who loves to talk as much as the chatty twins do. So that tells of the fact that the twins seek a partner who intellectually stimulates them. This is slightly problematic as for them the intimate, passionate aspects of love are not something that are as thoroughly enjoyed as the intellectual ones.

Their intellect being something that makes them somewhat averse to the idea of high passions, their partner must understand their affliction and the problems that love holds for them. As they feel that love might cloud their judgment and interfere with the thought process it is in their nature to shrug away further from it.

For the Geminis their partners should be refined as well as educated, they need to have traveled enough, far and wide, so that they have a good idea of what the world is like too. An ideal relationship, hence, is one which is of the same intellectual level, not that they do not enjoy love and its physical, material pleasures, but then the higher evolution is the name of the game.

Love in the Year 2016
For the Geminis who are single and haven't found that opportunity to immerse themselves in the madness of love, this year brings with it a lot of opportunities to find new romantic angles and interests. The latter half of the year shall see Jupiter enter Leo and that means that you will have your roaming shoes on and travel a lot. The chances of meeting new friendly places at your traveling sojourns is going to be something that shall come quite easy and quite handy. Since traveling is going to be a big chunk of your 2016, hence, you will see yourself packing up your bags quite often during the course of the year, be it for business purposes or pleasure. Especially the months of July and August could mean that your trips might lead to a sort of fruition and you might actually embark on a new relationship, with someone whom you met while traveling.

Beside the indulgence of Jupiter, Mars too enters the planetary charts affair to jumpstart your romantic affairs. Mars is the so called planet of energy and of action too, when it enters Libra this year, it is also going to work its wonders on the house of true passion and love in your charts. Generally the amount of time that Mars lasts in any planet's house is roughly seven weeks, this period of time is enough for any activities to kickstart and the mood to be set for the year. The anomaly this year is that Mars is going to stay in your planetary charts for almost 8 months, it will start the activity around December 2015 and continue to flourish till the 26th of July 2016. This period is going to be one that brings with it tons of romantic high energy, which means that you will have a lot of things happening on the romantic front, so just sit back and enjoy all the changes that are going to happen around you around this time.

Another good news for the twins this year, is for those who want to start a family or want to expand one even further. This year will the most perfect time to plan a baby. The fifth house of the Gemini Horoscope chart has been occupied by the planet Mars for the first half of the year and that means that all things related to romance, or pregnancy will be governed by the planet. For those of you who want to have a baby there has never been a more suitable and better chance, for this particular wish of yours to come true. For those couples who have been wanting to have a child for a very long time but have been unable to be able to conceive so far, this year may finally be the year when you get to see that dream being realized. Even for those parents who want another child, this year is going to be the right one, and for those parents who are happy and satisfied you will see your child attain new heights this year.

The best days for love in 2016 for the Geminis are from April 6th to the 3rd of May, since Venus is in your 10th house, it puts you in a favorable light. The Lunar Eclipse in April will give you romantic success and will make sure that those of you who are single will seem like quite a catch for your potential mate and those of you who are married will see your partner's love for you increase. From June 23rd to the 18th of July you will be unstoppable, especially the Gemini women should be prepared to be put on some sort of pedestal and be adored like you are being worshiped. For those who are planning to get married this year the best time should be between the 16th of November and the 10th of December. With so much lined up for the Gemini be happy and make all your dreams of love come true.