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Taurus Love Compatibility

Taurus Love Compatibility will let you have a glimpse at the best match for the people of the zodiac sign Taurus. Find out if you're best compatible with Aries or Scorpio or Leo or the other zodiac signs. You can browse through each pair of zodiac signs to learn what's your compatibility ratio that you share with your romantic partner.

Taurus -Aries

There is no similarity in the personalities between Taurus and Aries. Therefore, the chances of compatibility between these two signs are near impossible. Taurus prefers to do things at their own speed and doesn't appreciate when someone hurries them. Aries, on the other hand will not accept this nature of the Taurus people. Aries are more sensitive and delicate by nature which the Taurus is unable to relate with. In case of romance, Taurus is soft, cute and sensitive who likes to go slow in the matter of love. Aries on the other hand has a primitive approach towards romance, which can dampen the spirit of Taurus. So the romantic relationship between Taurus and Aries may begin with a big bang but will not be able to stand the test of time. Such a match may not even mature into marriage.
Taurus -Taurus

There is a strange difference in traits observed between Taurus men and women. They share a pleasant but a strange relationship. The Taurus woman is sensitive when in love whereas the Taurus man is more straightforward and down to earth. Taurus men like to be in the company of other men and they are equally flirtatious when they are with other women. But the Taurus woman cannot accept this nature of her Taurus partner and slowly she distances herself from her partner mentally. This combination of people can look forward to a relationship but marriage may not be a good idea for them.
Taurus -Gemini

There isn't a good compatibility level between Taurus and Gemini. Both these zodiac signs have some of varied traits which makes them an odd pair. Gemini can adapt themselves with all situations whereas Taurus prefers move on a fixed path. They are more constant and faithful. But Gemini is just the opposite to Taurus and they are changeable, unfaithful at times and sometimes inconsistent. A person with Taurus sign may get attracted towards Gemini due to their quality of imagination and creative nature. But eventually Gemini may start getting irritated by the slow behavior of the Taurus. Therefore people belonging to these two zodiac signs will share a boring and uninteresting relationship. They should not think about marriage.
Taurus -Cancer

Taurus share a strong bond with Cancer. Both the zodiac signs are romantically involved and thus have a compatible relationship. They both complement each other in every way and can successfully reach up to the expectation level of each other. Even though Cancer is whimsical at times, but a more stronger and stable Taurus easily tackle them. Taurus and Cancer have a passionate and strong emotional bonding between them and as a result they can lead a very fulfilling and happy life together. Marriage between Taurus and Cancer would be successful.
Taurus -Leo

Both Taurus and Leo are very opposite to each other and are egoistic in nature. Taurus has to make a lot of compromises to stay tuned to the high self-respect of Leo. On the other hand Leo dominates over the Taurus in the romantic matters. There are several differences in the characteristics of Leo and Taurus. Leo is a more active and agile as well as sympathetic but Taurus on the other hand is more reserved and self-centered. But it is very difficult to please Leo as a result the relationship will suffer. Therefore, Taurus and Leo are not compatible with each other and their relationship will end you in fights.
Taurus -Virgo

Taurus and Virgo share a very healthy relationship with the right blend of characteristics to complement each other. Both the zodiac signs can well understand each other's needs and demands and can take well care of them. If there is any difference between the two then it exists in their sex life as both the zodiac signs have their own views towards it. Overall two people from Taurus and Virgo can plan for steady and loving relationship and a blissful marriage.
Taurus -Libra

Taurus and Libra have a good compatibility and can definitely go for a long and steady relationship. Taurus and Libra both will do their best their attempt to keep each other happy. Libra will ensure to fill the life of Taurus with love and affection. Taurus on the other side will try every bit to fulfill every needs of their Libra partner. Thus Taurus will be firm in their decision which will please Libra to a great extent. Libra will in turn take every opportunity to praise their partner wholeheartedly. So you can look forward to a blissful and happy marriage and a great relationship in future.
Taurus -Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio share a strange compatibility as they have a sweet and aggressive relationship. Taurus in their angry state are very obstinate and stubborn whereas the rage of the Scorpios are most fearful as compared to any other zodiac sign. The relationship can have stability only if both of them make all effort to have more tolerance with each other. Marriage could be stormy but it is possible only with lot of understanding.
Taurus -Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius are good match. They are passionate lovers and are compatible to certain extent with each other. But marriage may not be a good option for them. Sagittarius people are freedom loving and happy-go-lucky. But the Taurus will make every attempt to take control of their partner's life. But this attitude of Taurus is only going to make the relationship more sour. At certain time the Taurus may feel content about the passionate and good nature of the Sagittarius but there is no other e positive side in this relationship. They may be happy for some time together but marriage may not be a good option for them.
Taurus -Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn are the two zodiac signs who can boast of a strong compatibility between themselves. There is a strong desire in both the zodiac signs for each other. The Capricorn normally tries to hide their expectations from their partners but Taurus doesn't approve of this behavior of Capricorn. Similarly the Taurus has an attitude to go in their own way and do things as they feel. But the Capricorn will not approve of this. There will be a definite shortage of romance in the relationship but that will not make marriage impossible between these two zodiac signs which can be strengthen by proper support and understanding.
Taurus -Aquarius

There is no compatibility between the two people of zodiac signs Aquarius and Taurus as they belong to two different worlds. The Aquarius is a very soft and gentle zodiac sign and they are more inclined to the creative and intellectual matters. The Taurus on the other hand is comparatively physical by nature. The Aquarius may find Taurus over demanding at times. There is very weak chance of building a relationship between these two zodiac signs and marriage is not possible.
Taurus -Pisces

There is a remarkable relationship shared between two partners belonging to Taurus and Pisces zodiac signs. Pisces are the people having unpredictable temperament and it will not be easy for Taurus to accept. However, there is still hope if both the partners decide to strike a balance with each other. With better understanding their relationship can be a great source of enjoyment. Both Taurus and Pisces can expect to lead a successful relationship and a happy married life provided they have more understanding with each other.