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Scorpio Love Compatibility

Learn about the personal traits of Scorpios and also their Love Compatibility to know how well they match with other zodiac signs. Find out all about the personalities of Scorpios to understand them better and in case you're dating a Scorpio then check how much compatible you're with your partner.
Scorpio -Aries

Scorpio and Aries share one of the most unstable and strange compatibility with each other. As both the partners here enjoy each other's company to a great extent mainly due to sexual pleasures, so they have a smooth start. However, problem starts when they get to know their partners well. Aries love their freedom but this is not liked by their Scorpio partners and they tend to become very jealous. Moreover, partners from both the zodiac signs are dynamic, egoistic and ambitious. These traits bring about conflict between them and gradually sets them apart. Hence, such a relationship may begin on the basis of a strong physical attraction but romance is not long lasting here and therefore the chances for them to succeed in marriage is very weak.
Scorpio -Taurus

Scorpio and Taurus are not compatible with each other as both of them have a strong personality and they tend to dominate each other. Even though they are very passionate lovers yet their daily life is filled with conflicts and clashes. Scorpios are very energetic people and they are totally against laziness. Scorpios are also greedy to a certain extent. Taurus on the other hand loves to spend their earnings. Both the signs are very stubborn and always want to take the lead role. Hence, clashes of their personalities brings about a drift in their relation ship.
Scorpio -Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini rarely match in temperament or have any factor common between them. Scorpio's nature is far more serious than that of Gemini. The people of Gemini do not take things seriously and has a tendency to change their decision all the time and are also hesitant while taking any serious action. Whereas the Scorpios are very firm on their decision and they also stand firmly on the ground. As the difference in their personalities increases with each passing day, more their relationship becomes unstable. Marriage may become successful only if both of them show some serious liking towards one another.
Scorpio -Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer can gel very well with each other as they both belong to the water sign. There is a greater compatibility between these two zodiac signs and marriage could be very successful. Scorpios are very passionate people and Cancer can well respond to them. Their physical bond again helps them in overcoming the minor conflicts that they experience. Such conflicts normally arise due to jealousy of the partners. As Scorpio and Cancer both have very strong mental and physical attachment, they will be able to solve their differences that may arise and can lead a very happy and blissful marriage.
Scorpio -Leo

The match between Scorpio and Leo may share some common traits but as both the zodiac signs stand on their own grounds in most of the cases and are adamant, long term relationship and marriage would be a disaster. Scorpio and Leo are short tempered by nature and this leads them to get involved into conflicts and flights on minor issues. The single common factor in their relationship is the strong and passionate physical attachment towards each other. However, Scorpio doesn't care much about the emotion of Leo and lacks in showing proper respect and appreciation towards them. This makes Leo more irritated and they also cannot stand the jealous nature of the Scorpio. These two signs may have a good relationship at the initial stage but the marriage would be an unsuccessful experience.
Scorpio -Virgo

Virgo and Scorpio cannot look forward to any steady and long-lasting relationship. Both their personalities and traits doesn't match. When Virgo has criticizing nature, Scorpio on the other hand is very open and frank which becomes difficult for Virgo to accept. Even when both the partners tries to adjust with each other, there is hardly any improvement in their romance. Virgo may try to modify their behavior and become less critical but that doesn't improve their love life. There is a possibility for short -term relationship which has no future. After spending some time with Virgo, Scorpio will start searching for other partners.
Scorpio -Libra

This combination between Scorpio and Libra doesn't lead to a warm and exciting partnership. Scorpio is a comparatively stronger zodiac sign and is very jealous which Libra is not capable of handling. Scorpio tends to take the leading role in this relationship and it becomes too tough for lazy and sensitive Libra to handle. Libra starts to get scared of the strength of their partner. However, both the signs can understand the duties and responsibilities of their partners and try to have harmony in their relationship which is probably the only positive sign between the two partners. The difference between the two signs arise mainly due to Libra's luxurious way of living which the Scorpio is not able to manage all the time. Hence, there would be frequent conflicts in this relationship and the marriage will not be successful.
Scorpio -Scorpio

Two partners from the same zodiac sign, Scorpio, will have too common personalities to be a good match. This relationship will have very strong sexual life but then there is nothing else in this relationship to keep the two partners together. Both the partners would have very strong personalities and they are dominating, determined, jealous and have irritating characters. Moreover, minor differences will bring rift between the partners. The physical attraction between them will not be able to keep them together.
Scorpio -Sagittarius

The compatibility between Scorpio and Sagittarius is very short lived. Scorpio loves a stable life and are homely people. Whereas, the Sagittarius love adventure and are always on move. In a relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius, Scorpio is keen on taking the lead role and is also very demanding. Sagittarius have a good sense of humor but that characteristics of Sagittarius won't hold the attraction between the two partners. In such a relationship marriage is just not possible.
Scorpio -Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn are a warm match and share a good compatibility with each other. Both of them are ambitious and persistent. They do not normally have any serious issues of dispute or difference between them. The Scorpios are emotional people and the Capricorn are reserved. The emotional nature of the Scorpio helps in bringing a harmony in their relationship. Moreover, the Capricorn acknowledges and appreciates the warmth and stability provided by the Scorpio. Hence, both the signs are ideal for a perfect marriage and long-lasting togetherness.
Scorpio -Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius are from two different worlds and have no compatibility with each other. Aquarius are very temperamental and change their mood frequently. This becomes irritating for the Scorpio. Aquarius have a very action social life and get along well with people but the Scorpio are just the opposite and they would prefer to stay back at home. For Scorpio, the unpractical behavior of Aquarius makes no sense. Therefore, these two zodiac signs do not have any similarities between them apart from their physical match. Hence, Scorpio and Aquarius cannot look forward to a long-lasting relationship or marriage.
Scorpio -Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are just made for each other and share a very strong compatibility. They have strongest attraction towards their partner. Pisces are dependable on their partner Scorpio as they are comparatively shy people and lack in decision making capability. This helps in giving a boost to the Scorpio as they are more eager to take the leading role in the relationship. Both the partners also share a very strong sexual life. Scorpio and Pisces are very well tuned to each other and share a blissful and stable relationship. Marriage would be very successful between these two partners.