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Leo Love Compatibility

The Leos are very powerful and dynamic by nature. Lets find out these strong personalities are best compatible with which other zodiac signs. The compatibility chart will help you in understanding your relationship better if you are a Leo or if your have a Leo as your romantic partner.
Leo and Aries share a strong compatibility between each other. Both these zodiac signs can become a loving couple as they are both passionate and unconventional. However, there is one point of dispute between Leo and Aries. We all know that Leos are born ruler but here even the Aries try to dominate their Leo partners. And this brings some unrest in their relationship. However, this difference is soon sorted out as they are very compatible with each other and they can easily overcome all barriers arising between them. Leo and Aries can look forward to a blissful married life.
This relationship, though start on a sweet note but cannot last for long due to their differences in nature. Leo and Taurus are both very stubborn and there are high chances for them to start disputing on insignificant issues. On several occasions the highly charged Leo will end up irritating the Taurus who are normally calm by nature. On the other hand, Taurus are comparatively greedy and this is not acceptable to the Leos. There cannot be any long and steady relationship between Leo and Taurus due to the differences in their personalities and hence are not compatible with each other.
Leo and Gemini share a great compatibility with each other. Gemini is successful in charming the Leo with their witty and cleaver tactics. However, Leo is very straight forward and doesn't approve this nature of Gemini. But Gemini is well aware of Leo's temperament and knows exactly how to manage the likes and dislikes of their Leo partners. In a relationship between Leo and Gemini, Leo will take the lead role and Gemini will follow them efficiently. Hence, Leo and Gemini can share a strong and loving bond and have a happy married life.
There are high chances that Leo and Cancer can become very successful together and share a strong compatibility with each other. Leo may prefer a casual and not so serious relationship in the initial stage but Cancer is in for a stable and long lasting relationship. However, these are small issues which they can easily reconcile amongst themselves and can head towards a stable relationship. Basically Leo and Cancer have many similarities in their nature and once they resolve their minor differences, they can have a strong and wonderful partnership and look forward to a happy marriage.
There are equal chances of success and failure in a match between two Leo partners. Basically Leos are only concerned about themselves. However, both the partners are exceptionally romantic by nature and also understand each other thoroughly. In a relationship between two Leos, both the partners have to adjust with one another. Once both the partners find the comfort level, they can prove to be great partners together. Their compatibility can be very dynamic and strong.
Leo and Virgo do not share a compatible relationship as they have hardly any similarities in their nature. Leo has a dominating character and this irritates Virgo who has reserved and conservative nature. Leo wants to manipulate in every step whereas Virgos do not approve of that. On the other hand Virgos are very critical and they give more importance to the smaller things in life which annoys the Leo. Both these zodiac signs can expect a short term relationship but there is no scope for a long term relationship between Leo and Virgo and marriage is something impossible.
Leo and Libra are two signs who complement each other perfectly. Their combination is a perfect blend for happy marriage. They can share very happy moments together simply because Libra is emotional as well as passionate and that's what Leo needs in their partner. Leo and Libra both love to take life as it comes, slow and easy. Only that Libra has to keep showering compliments and affection on Leo to keep their spirits soaring high. Hence, Leo and Libra can go in for a steady and loving relationship and a happy married life too.

Leo and Scorpio can expect a romantic relationship for sometime but marriage may not be a good idea between these two zodiac signs. They may begin their relationship on a sweet note with candle light dinner, soft music and wine but soon they will find out the traits in each other which they will start disliking. Leo may despise the jealousy of Scorpio which is one of the major negative trait of their character. On the other side Scorpio may have no respect or admiration towards Leo. So the relationship which starts on a romantic note soon ends up with several differences.
Leo and Sagittarius are highly compatible with each other. Both the zodiac signs know how to enjoy life to the fullest and they are both adventurous. There are many similar traits between these two signs. They are both passionate, extroverts and therefore they get along very well with each other. Sagittarius is totally devoted to Leo and also capable of stimulating them. Sagittarius are very affectionate and they display this affection openly before the Leo partners. Hence, both Leo and Sagittarius share a great combination and can have a successful and happy relationship and a great married life together.
There are very less chances of Leo sharing a compatible match with Capricorn. The Capricorns are practical by nature and Leos are optimistic. They belong to two different worlds and there is no similarity between them. In such a relationship, Leo would end up losing their brightness and enthusiasm. Capricorns are comparatively less romantic and they get easily irritated by the extravagant nature of the Leos. These two zodiac signs may share a relationship only for a short period but marriage is just not possible for them.
Leo and Aquarius may share a brief relationship at the initial stage of their romance but they cannot continue the same feelings for each other longer. Aquarius may be successful in bringing out different colors of Leo and thus make the love life very interesting but they cannot hold it for long. The analytical nature of Aquarius will soon irritate the Leos. As a result Leo's self-esteem will be badly hurt and it will further affect their self-assurance. Therefore Leo and Aquarius are not compatible with each other and marriage may turn out to be a disaster.
Leo and Pisces are two extremely opposite signs. Leo is famous for being extrovert and Pisces are know for being introvert and timid. Pisces tend to be a mystery for Leo as they fail to understand the nature or behavioral pattern of Pisces. Both Leo and Pisces want to be at the receiving end and do not have the habit of giving. Pisces are weaker in character as compared to Leo and they are not ambitious either. At a time when Pisces are feeling down, the pride of their Leo partner stops them from being sympathetic or concerned towards Pisces. They may experience an initial infatuation but that cannot take any serious turn. Marriage is just not advisable between Leo and Pisces.