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Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer Love Compatibility will let you have a glimpse at the best match for the people of the zodiac sign Cancer. Find out if you're best compatible with Virgo or Scorpio or Pisces or the other zodiac signs. You can browse through each pair of zodiac signs to learn what's your compatibility ratio that you share with your romantic partner.

Cancer - Aries
Cancer and Aries share a unique compatibility with each other. Both of them have to face misunderstandings arising due to ego clashes. This is mainly as they belong to two different worlds. Cancer is emotional by nature and needs to be reassured. On the other hand Aries is very independent. At the initial stage of the relationship, Cancer and Aries may feel strong attraction towards each other but that is going of die down soon. Cancer people by nature are soft, nurturing, considerate and caring. Cancer may view Aries as inconsiderate, insensitive and dominating. All these experiences may build dislike and resentments within Cancer which will further result in split in the relationship. Cancer and Aries are going to be not so comfortable match and marriage will be an unhappy one.

Cancer -Taurus
The romantic match between Cancer and Taurus can be well compatible. Both the zodiac signs are very passionate and romantic. These traits will make them happy in each other's company. Taurus is sensitive about their partner and can feel the change in the spirit of Cancer and so they will make every effort to solve the problems of Cancer. Taurus are very careful and cautious and the Cancer will respond to this nature of Taurus with great love. There is mutual understanding between both the signs and this makes them a happy couple.

Cancer - Gemini
There could be some compatibility between Cancer and Gemini even though they have to go through some rough phases. The flirtatious and pleasure loving nature of Gemini is bound to hurt the feelings of rather timid nature of Cancer. This will rise tensions in the relationship. Due to the open nature of Gemini, Cancer will become jealous and will try to change their partners. This will further worsen the situation. In spite of so many differences, there is a strong bond between Cancer and Gemini and they can look forward to a strong emotional attachment and long-term relationship overcoming all the differences.

Cancer - Cancer
A partnership between two Cancer people is possible if both of them work towards building up and maintaining the relationship. As both the partners would be very sensitive and emotional, this will create frequent problems between them. Both the Cancer partners would make attempts to take the dominating role in the relationship which will make way for criticism and conflicts. At the initial stage the relationship will be based on passion as well as emotion. There is compatibility between two Cancer people and can also lead a happy married life only if they make genuine efforts to make it successful.

Both Cancer and Leo are very compatible with each other and can lead a happy life together. Leo will make every effort to cheer up and motivate Cancer with their strong personality and affection. Cancer will appreciate this nature of Leo. On one hand Leo demands admiration and flattery all the time from their partner and Cancer does exactly the same to please Leo. So Cancer and Leo will lead a healthy relationship and are very compatible with each other. Both the zodiac signs can look forward to a romantic, happy and a passionate marriage.

Cancer - Virgo
Cancer and Virgo can share a soft and tender romantic relationship. Virgo plays the lead role in this relationship as they are more practical than their partner Cancer. Whereas Cancer is more emotional and both the zodiac signs can have compatible relationship with each other. However, both the partners need to cheer each other from time to time as they are shy by nature. Cancer and Virgo can look forward to a strong emotional bonding and a blissful married life.

Cancer - Libra
A rather weak compatibility exist between Cancer and Libra. Cancer has a flexible temperament and it becomes difficult for the comparatively quite Libra to deal with this nature of Cancer. On the contrary, Cancer feels insecure and tensed when they are with the affectionate Libra. It is the nature of Libra to stay away from trouble and when the Cancer gets annoyed or irritated with Libra, it becomes difficult for both the signs to come to any compromise. A short affair between the two signs is possible at the initial stage but marriage is not a good advise for them.

Cancer - Scorpio
Scorpio and Cancer share a very strong compatibility and they can lead a blissful married life. The Scorpio loves to dominate and are protective towards their partners and Cancer enjoys this attention and protectiveness of their partner. Here in this match, Scorpio is very passionate whereas Cancer is calm and gentle. Cancer is able to successfully adapt themselves to the demands of their lover Scorpio and hence there is no issues between the two signs. Moreover, as Cancer is totally dedicated to its partner, Scorpio need not get jealous from its partner. There is a sweet and everlasting love in this relationship and they can prove to be a very happily married couple.

Cancer - Sagittarius
Cancer and Sagittarius are two opposite signs having no similarity. These two zodiac signs are not compatible with each other. Their basic characteristics and goals are totally different from each other. By nature Sagittarius is adventurous and they cannot be tied down at one place. They do not care about stability whereas, for Cancer stability is the main objective of life. Cancer is very meticulous and loves to make plans for the future. Sagittarius on the other hand lives in the present time and the feeling of insecurity of Cancer will soon start irritating the Sagittarius. These two signs should not look forward to a steady and stable relationship.

Cancer - Capricorn
There isn't any compatibility between Cancer and Capricorn as they do not share any common traits. Cancer are more sensitive people and they look for similar emotional security from their partner. But Capricorn, on the other side is not able to provide that kind of support to Cancer. Things seem to look brighter at the initial stage but soon Cancer may get bogged down by the reserved and practical Capricorn. Hence, this relationship between Cancer and Capricorn may not have a stable and sound future.

Cancer -Aquarius
Cancer and Aquarius are not compatible with each other and hence may not share a successful married life. None of these zodiac signs are able to provide necessary support to each other. Cancer is comparatively stable and open than Aquarius and they are always in the lookout for new romances and adventures. This nature of Aquarius will make Cancer feel bored and unsatisfied. Aquarius is more interested in keeping themselves free from any kind of emotional obligations. Hence, Cancer and Aquarius are not a good match for any serious relationship or marriage.

Cancer - Pisces
Cancer and Pisces are compatible with each other and may prove to be a good match for marriage. Both the zodiac signs are affectionate, considerate, sympathetic and are ever trying to complement one another in the relationship. Cancer people like to take the leading role in a relationship. Whereas the Pisces are very emotional and they are just made for love. Hence, Cancer and Pisces can look for a steady and happy married life.