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Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aquarius love compatibility matches the basic traits of Aquarius with all other zodiac signs and finds out how well Aquarius can gel with their partners. Through the study on love compatibility , you can have a sound knowledge on already existing relationships and the potential ones.

Aquarius - Aries
Aquarius and Aries may have a mixed kind of relationship. They can be compatible with each other but a lot of understanding is needed. Though they enjoy the perfect blend of sweet romance and very passionate and hot sex life but the dominance of Aries may bring tensions in the relationship. Aquarius is passive whereas Aries like to dominate in the relationship. However, the Aquarius will stick to its stand and try to defend for their interests. On the other hand Aries has to be more tactful and rational while dealing with the emotionally driven Aquarius. These two zodiac signs can look forward to a compatible relationship provided a balance is maintained which will strengthen the bond and result in a long lasting relationship.

Aquarius - Taurus
Aquarius and Taurus belong to two different worlds and there is no similarity between them. The Aquarius is a very soft and gentle zodiac sign and they are more inclined to the creative and intellectual matters. They are also social people unlike Taurus. The Taurus on the other hand is comparatively physical by nature. The Aquarius may find Taurus over demanding at times. With no compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus, there can be no stable future for them and marriage may turn out to be a failure.

Aquarius - Gemini
Gemini and Aquarius share a very sweet and loving relationship. Aquarius love to fantasize. The Gemini people are well tuned with their partner and are capable of reciprocating the fantasies with them. They take fancy in inventing different adventures of life and they are equally passionate lovers. Both the zodiac signs focus on the uncertainties of life that surrounds them and this binds them close to each other. This relationship may go through several ups and downs but both the partners will be successful in keeping the bond intact. Overall this relationship will be an inspiring and satisfying one. They share good compatibility and marriage can be a great success with affection and understanding.

Aquarius - Cancer
Relationship could be difficult between Cancer and Aquarius as they are not compatible with each other. They are incapable of giving emotional support to their partner at the time of crisis. Cancer is comparatively stable and open than Aquarius who are always in the lookout for new romances and adventures. Cancer will not approve of this nature of Aquarius and soon they will feel bored and unsatisfied. Aquarius has a tendency to keep themselves away from any kind of emotional bindings. Hence, Cancer and Aquarius may not share a long-lasting relationship or a successful and stable married life.

Aquarius - Leo
Leo and Aquarius may start their relationship on a sweet note but soon they will realize that they cannot continue it for longer. The romance that was there during the initial days of the relationship will soon vanish. Aquarius may be successful in bringing out different colors of Leo and thus make the love life very interesting but they cannot hold it for long. The Leo will soon get irritated by the analytical nature of the Aquarius. Both the signs are extremely independent and cannot give enough support to their partners. Therefore Leo and Aquarius are not compatible with each other and marriage may turn out to be a disaster.

Aquarius - Virgo
Aquarius and Virgo will share a realistic and spiritual relationship which will lack romance, excitement and enthusiasm which are the basic necessity of any relationship to be successful. Virgo will treat Aquarius as light minded and not so serious kind of person whereas the Aquarius will have the idea that Virgos are unreceptive. The Virgos who are more sensible will find faults in the generous Aquarius. Slowly the romance will die down in the relationship. Here both the partners are too practical to have a successful romantic relationship or a happily married life.

Aquarius - Libra
Aquarius and Libra are great partners who are both sensitive and have great physical bonding. They are strongly compatible and can make a perfect match. Both the partners are adventurous and love socializing. They also have a knack for art and culture, music and knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. Libra also likes being guided by the Aquarius and awaits for their advice. These two zodiac signs share one of the best companionship. Hence, Libra and Aquarius are perfectly compatible and can expect a happy and blissful married life.

Aquarius - Scorpio
Scorpio and Aquarius are from two different poles and have no similarity between them. Aquarius are very temperamental and change their mood frequently. This becomes irritating for the Scorpio. Similarly, Scorpio is jealous by nature which cannot be tolerated by the Aquarius. Moreover, their romantic life lacks excitement as Aquarius shows no interest towards sex. But the Scorpio is rather aggressive by nature and at times even becomes sadist. Aquarius have a very active social life and get along well with people but the Scorpio is just the opposite and they would prefer to stay back at home. For Scorpio, the unpractical behavior of Aquarius makes no sense. Hence, Scorpio and Aquarius cannot look forward to a long-lasting relationship or marriage.

Aquarius - Sagittarius
Sagittarius and Aquarius share a very strong compatibility with each other and they have a warm and loving relationship. Both the zodiac signs are cheerful, active and unpredictable. Aquarius is always eager to come forward for help and try to solve problems. This nature of Aquarius will further strengthen the bond and give the much needed balance in the relationship. Both the zodiac signs enjoy each other's company immensely as they are both adventurous by nature and knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. Here though Sagittarius and Aquarius are both jealous by nature but they can easily overcome their shortcomings and will try not to dominate their partners. So Sagittarius and Aquarius can look forward to a steady and loving relationship and a happy married life.

Aquarius - Capricorn
Capricorn and Aquarius are not compatible with each other as both of them are too busy in their own interests. Here the relationship that begins on a romantic note will soon lose the charm and excitement. Capricorns find the Aquarius to be indifferent whereas the Aquarius get baffled by the practical and possessive nature of the Capricorn. Aquarius loves their freedom and they are adventurous and inventive. Whereas, Capricorns are more practical and believes in traditional relationship. These two partners can get married but both of them have to make a lot of adjustments to pull it through.

Aquarius -Aquarius
Two Aquarius can become excellent couple and are strongly compatible with each other. Both the partners will be able to satisfy their companion physically and emotionally as well. They are innovative lovers. Their feelings are not every strong and they are reasonable, reserved and rational. This partnership can look forward to a steady relationship and a blissful married life.

Aquarius - Pisces
Aquarius and Pisces have almost nothing in common and there cannot be a healthy and steady relationship. They may begin their relationship with certain level of intimacy but that will soon turn into conflicts and difference of opinion. Pisces are comparatively more sensitive and emotional people and always tend to depend on Aquarius and expect them to show their love for Pisces all through. This makes Aquarius feel suffocated and lack of independence. Aquarius and Pisces are totally different in nature and their objectives also vary. Hence, these two zodiac signs are non-compatible with each other.