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Cancer Love Horoscope 2016

Born between the dates of June 22nd and July 22nd the Cancerians are the home birds of the zodiac lot. Governed by the Moon the crabs are quite homely by nature and it is truly a pleasure for them to have the comforts of home. One quality about the Cancerians that is admired everywhere is their nurturing nature, combined with the fact they value traditions more than any other zodiac signs - it makes them zealously patriotic as well as family centric. Most Cancerians will have large families and also happiest families, for if the head of a family is a Cancerian, you can be assured that they will provide the best of everything for their family. The flipside of this nature is their moodiness and the quickness with which the Cancerians can retreat into their proverbial shell, since they are not too fond of confrontations it is pertinent to be slightly mindful of one's words and actions around them.

The Cancerians in Love

For the Cancerians familial life and ties are closely associated with love and that makes it most comfortable for them when a relationship is very clear from the start. Order being their chosen form, if the two people in the relationship know their respective responsibilities, a Cancerians will be the happiest in it. Loyalty is the strongest suit of a Cancerian, they are extremely loyal to their partners - that makes them a keeper. The catch, however, is that they would never admit it, but for them family is the actual end and partnership or commitment is not of the utmost importance for them, it is more like a duty.

The most important thing that one should remember when in a relationship with a Cancerian is their sensitivity, you need to know how to be gentle with them, even when you want to be stern. They are very perceptive about things and the innate reclusiveness that most crabs do have can be a source of great distress to them. It could be the look on your face or even the tone of your voice, they can sense and register the gestures, and react to it. Even though it may be a difficult thing to get used to, yet, be strong and stick to your loved one, it shall be worth it in the end. It is more about the emotions than your words, so be careful with them.

Love in the Year 2016

Since the advent of Saturn in the Cancerian stronghold, love and romance have certainly not been the best of terms to use. Since October 2012 Saturn has been influencing the Cancerians and will exit by the 23rd of December 2014. Since Saturn is all about, patience, handwork and sacrifice, it does teach you a lot of lessons and makes you strong enough to make the tough decisions in life. Not only does Saturn affect the ongoing quest for love it also tends to affect established forms of love like relationships and marriages, hence that rocky patch that you have been experiencing is mostly due to the presence of Saturn in your birth charts.

This also affect you in all the other spheres of love, for example parental love, for those who have children, they must've experienced a certain amount of difficulty in getting through to their little ones. The streak of rebellion that your child is exhibiting that is vexing you, is also a part of this Saturn manifestation. All you need to do is be patient through this period, though Saturn may be a strict teacher it definitely does not believe in not letting you have the love that you desire, it is just preparing you the greater kind of love that will be on your way once the planet pushes off from your charts.

Jupiter exercises its influence on Cancer in the first half of 2016 and hence it sets up new and brighter prospects. For those Cancerians who have been single for a while now, we are sure things have been different and difficult, however, with Jupiter aiding you, the chances of finding love this year are brighter than ever. Especially from January on to the 27th of July, you will find that you are being presented with opportunities to finally find that special someone, all you need to do is give love a chance.

Jupiter has always been the planet which is the benefactor of most astrological vibes, and is generally the harbinger of good news; so the advent of Jupiter into the Cancerian charts is something that just spells out success. You will feel strong and confident this year, and even if the period of opportunity may not seem like the longest period to be able to exercise your luck, be assured that there will be enough opportunities that will make you feel like you have got your window of chance. With the passing days you will find that till the 27th of July you will have made an astonishing amount of progress and received numerous chances. It is now in your hands to make the most of them and find true bliss. For those who are married or already in a relationship, this period will see you make progress in cementing the relationship even further and making sure that you have the best of times. You and your partner are going to enjoy incredible amounts of romantic togetherness when the onset of Jupiter is in your charts, so make the most of it.

This year will also see you meeting a lot of new people and them integrating into your life. Amongst the new faces that you shall find this year, you will most definitely meet one, who will demand your attention and you will want to make efforts to know them better. Despite past failures, this year definitely looks up in terms of love and all you need to do is keep an open mind and an open heart - the first half of 2016 is a wonderful time for you, dear Cancerians.