Love at First Sight Movies

Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, then you must have experienced it once in your life. Love in first sight in a wonderful experience. If you too have fallen in love with someone in first sight, you can understand how it feels! If you are in love, you may see the whole world differently. You may find beauty in every tiny object on this earth. There are many love at first sight movies, which you will love to watch if you are in love for the first time. If you see those movies, you will experience what love at first sight is all about. Here are some beautiful love at first sight movies, which you can watch:


  1. Titanic: Jack meets Rose for the first time in the giant ship Titanic. His friend warns him that she is from the uppermost level of the society. Jack also knows that she is not made for him. But their destiny has something else in store. Finally Jack gets a chance to be close to Rose and rescue her from committing suicide. It is enough to make the connection. Their destiny has decided their fate together. They defy the difference of class and promise to be together. Jack succumbs to death in the course of saving Rose and their tale of love has become immortal.

  2. Love Story: Love Story deals with two people, who belong to two different class of society. This is the story of Oliver Barrett IV, who meets his dream girl in his college. Oliver Barrett IV belongs to a well to do family while his beloved Jennifer Cavelleri, belongs to the working class. They marry without the consent of Oliver’s dad after they finish their college. Oliver takes a job and they have decided to have a baby. At this point of time, Oliver comes to know that Jennifer is suffering from a fatal disease. Do you know what Jennifer’s last wish was? She wants Oliver to hug her tightly.

  3. Only You: Clifford Godfrey is dumped by his fiancé. He is now alone to spend the vacation, which he has planned to spend with his girlfriend. Godfrey goes to a bar to drink, where he meets Amanda Hughes. The drunk party girl immediately agrees to go for a holiday with Godfrey. But when she becomes sober, she rejects Godfrey. Again a sad Godfrey meets with Enfield. It was the connection, which has made at the first sight. The two have started dating. They are happy but there is the gorgeous Amanda, who has distracted Godfrey from his soul mate. But like any other love story, this movie also ended happily.

  4. Pride And Prejudice: Pride And Prejudice, the movie is based on the famous novel by Jane Austin. Pride And Prejudice describes the tale of love and hate relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy. They have found each other at the first sight, but something wrong goes between them that they have started conceiving misconception about themselves. Darcy thinks that Elizabeth does not like him while Elizabeth thinks that Darcy is very prod of his class. When all the misunderstanding between them wipes out, they realize that they are in love with each other.

  5. Pretty Woman: Pretty Woman tells the story of a love story between a successful businessperson and prostitute. Edward Lewis is lost and meets with Vivian, who tries to help him out to get to his destination. Edward Lewis finds something interesting in Vivian that in spite of knowing that she is a prostitute, he hires her to spend some moments with her. This is the beginning of their romance, which culminates after many misunderstandings. Finally, they have found their true love in each other.