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Short Love Letters for Her / Him

Letters have always been the carrier of love messages and words of romance. Writing a love letter is one of the best ways to profess your love for the lady who has besotted you with her charm. One need not write long letters to express his/her feelings because even a short message can have a similar impact if written from the heart. Here are some tips on how to write memorable and short love letters.

1. Be cute and fun.

Short messages are the perfect place to be playful with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Even if you are more reserved normally, this can give you an avenue to express the parts of yourself that are more bubbly and sweet. Tell them about a trait of theirs that drives you wild, or describe an emotion that you feel when you see them. Always see to it that the tone is a happy one.

2. Keep it simple.

A cute little love message needs to be short and light. Now is not the time to start discussing deep topics, or worse, to pick apart major issues in your relationship. Use your short message to convey a quick snapshot of your feelings. If you need to have a philosophical or deeply emotional discussion, save it for a long letter or for communication over the phone or in person.

3. Stay on subject.

A short message gives you limited space in which to express yourself. This can be a good thing, as it will encourage you to condense what you want to say into a smaller, more concentrated package. Bringing in additional subjects will mean that you won’t have time to express much about anything, and this will waste the energy that you put into the message. It might even come off as a non-sequitur if you randomly mention something else that isn’t related to what you mentioned first. This kind of thing can only cause confusion.

4. Limit yourself to positive messages.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has been doing something that annoys you, a short message is not the way to let them know. Similarly, if the two of you have been having an argument, you must pick another way to apologize. The short medium of something like a text message is suitable for bringing a small burst of sunshine to somebody else’s day, not for hashing out major differences. If something is hanging over your relationship, you and your loved one must address this face-to-face.

5. Know what you’re really saying.

Even though the message is short, you’ll find that you get a lot more out of it if you devote a few seconds’ thought to how it will come across. Whatever you send to your boyfriend or girlfriend is something that you can’t take back, and even a message that’s only a sentence or two can have long-lasting power. Use this to make sure they’re wrapped around your little finger, not annoyed or badgered by your thoughtlessness. If everything you say is well thought out and fully intentional, you will always be in control of your own love life!

Impress your partner with the Short Love Letters given below. Hope you will enjoy reading the letters.

Short Love Letters for Her

My Love

There are times when I see sorrow behind your smile and tears behind you laughter. I want you to know that behind you there will always be me. I will cherish you for the rest of my life because you gave me that nothing can buy. Every time you feel alone, just look at the spaces of you fingers and remember that in those spaces, you can see my fingers locked with yours.


1. Famous Love Letter by Lord Byron to Annabella Milbanke

My Heart

We are thus far separated - but after all one mile is as bad as a thousand -
which is a great consolation to one who must travel six hundred before he meets
you again. If it will give you any satisfaction - I am as comfortless as a pilgrim
with peas in his shoes - and as cold as Charity - Chastity or any other Virtue.

Your Love

2. How have you been?

Hi, How have you been? I still remember that day, the day that i came to u, and i showed u signs that i am interested in u. did i surprise u? i hope i didn't scare u?

I don't know much about you, but everytime i see you , i feel more energetic, and more happy. By those feelings, i carelessly concluded that, i like you!!

Today, i still don't know if i truly like u or not? i don't know. i just hope that, one day i'll find out. and i hope u'll remember me, a girl who has a little crush on you.

The only regret i have, is that i don't have a lot of chances to know u more. i really hope that we have more time to spend with each other.

Remember, don't be afraid of me. I am no threat to you. i just wanna support you, share all my crazy little ideas with you, and enjoy some moments with you.

I hope you will find someone u truly like!

Your Love,

Short Love Letters for Him

1. Hi Love,
I want you to know that there's no one who can replace you. The way you look, the way you always know what I am thinking about, the way you gave me hug when I need it the most, and the way you listen to me is priceless. You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought you could.

I love you.

2. When I am with you, I feel alive.

You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Every day I wake up thanking God for you. You have given me so much, and I don't know if I will be able to give back all that you have given me. You have been my guiding light when I was lost. You have been my rock.

Sometimes I feel lost and out of touch, but when you're there, I feel safe. Your voice soothes me. I could sit here and try to tell you just how I feel, but I can't find the words other than I am ecstatic we met and have gotten together after all we've gone through.

I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together.

I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be here for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity. I love you, baby.


3.) Honore de Balzac-1

October 6, 1833
Our love will bloom always fairer, fresher, more gracious, because it is a true love, and because genuine love is ever increasing.

It is a beautiful plant growing from year to year in the heart, ever extending its palms and branches, doubling every season its glorious clusters and perfumes; and, my dear life, tell me, repeat to me always, that nothing will bruise its bark or its delicate leaves, that it will grow larger in both our hearts, loved, free, watched over, like a life within our life...

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