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Marriage Proposal Letters

It's not always easy to summon courage to ask that crucial question of your life to your lady love. But then, you have to do it anyway. What's the way out? Propose to her the idea of marriage over a letter and explain your feelings. It may seem a simple idea but it's surely going to win you the reply from your girlfriend.

The marriage proposal letter will let you express your innermost feelings on paper. If you are too shy or afraid with the idea of proposing her in public, a proposal letter is a touching way to let your feelings known and pop up the question: Will you marry me?

Here are some sample marriage proposal letters you might like to be inspired by. Keep your proposal letter short and succinct to impress your beloved.

My Dear,

I would like to propose marriage to you and invite you to share the rest of my life with me.
We have known each other for quite some time now and I have enjoyed all those pleasurable moments. I feel that we understand each other very well and are very compatible in many areas.
Since we are both quite established with our careers, let us take on a new phase of our lives together with marriage. I hope you will consider my marriage proposal favorably.
In great expectation,

Yours Truly

My dear (name),
Today I have taken the matured decision and have listened to my heart. My heart is always full of your thoughts so much that I can’t put anything else in it. This has really been bothering me for some days now. So I have decided to make my feelings known for you.

We have been close to each other for quite sometime now and I was toying with the idea of proposing you for marriage. I have spent some great moments with you and you have always been my best friend. I want this friendship to turn into a lifetime commitment and wish you to become a part of my life.

I know probably you were expecting me to pop the question in a grand fashion but I am too shy to propose you in public. But I am true about my feelings for you. Please let me know your answer. I promise that if your answer is ‘yes’ then I’ll be yours truly forever.
Lots of love,

Another example is as follows. If you think you can play a little game with your girlfriend without upsetting her then you can try writing a funny marriage proposal to her. However, you must make sure that you don’t go overboard.

My dear (name),
You know that I really keep busy. I have my job, which requires me to meet deadline everyday. I then go to my boxing practice. Then there are friends to hang out with. I keep so busy that I don’t get time to spend with you. So, I thought that we must put an end to our relation and start a new one. Will you be interested in becoming my wife? This way I will know that I’ll never miss spending time with you. So, I ask you-will you marry me?
Please be mine.
Yours truly,


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