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Lost Love Letters

A relationship might get lost because of many reasons like difference in expectations from each other, incapability of spending adequate time with each other, failing to communicate with each other etc. But irrespective of all these facts the emotions remains and we tend to get back our lost love.

Since, black letters on white paper is the best medium of expression thus lost love letters are the best way to profess your feelings and emotions for your lost love. With romantic lost love letters, you can surely get back your lost love. Even if you are not professional writer then also you can write some cute lost love letters. All you need is pour your heart and let that special person know about your pain and sufferings.

Top Three Lost Love Letters

1.) Where Are You Now? by Allison

Dear Boo,

I don't remember when I asked for our relationship to begin, but I remember the feelings you gave me whenever I was around you. I felt as if I was in a place where I would never get hurt and that's exactly what you did. I have never realized the pains of love until now. Everywhere I look I see your name or a small symbol that reminds me of you, and I find myself getting angry because it only reminds me of the pain that I cannot be with you. I wish that we could go back to the days when it was me and you. I want to show you how much you mean to me. You make my heart stop, even now after a year whenever anyone mentions your name or I see your face. I only wish things in life were simpler so that it could be me with you. I will love you forever.

Love Always,

2.) Lost Desire  by Crissy

Dear Charlie,

I feel like you are pulling away from this relationship. There are times when you tell me that you love me but I do not feel like you love me as a man is suppose to love his wife. You tell me this is so unnecessary, but you need to realize it is necessary to me. I am thriving on our love. and when it feels like it is one sided, that hurts tremendously.

Then you do things that confuse me. I see my pain in you when something happens with our daughters. I see that hurt that I feel. Like the message between you and our oldest daughter. I have seen you hurting emotionally inside. You thinking you were bothering her, deciding to leave because you felt like she did not want to talk to you.

The desire I use to feel from you towards me is gone. I feel like you do not want to be with me anymore more in that way. That you just want a family with no strings. And the strings are the need to share ourselves with each other once in awhile. God I do not want it 24/7, but I do need it once in awhile. I need to be touched, caressed and to be able to come together as one again.

Yes, you touch and caress me; I know that, but not intimately like my body thrives on once in awhile. Please help me understand this. Have you lost the sexual desire for me?

Love always,
3.)Where You Reside by Naly

Dear Wes,

My Love; my Sweet ... I look back at the years that we shared together, how amazing my time with you was. Sometimes it breaks my heart to go that far back down the road and be reminded of how much I loved you; how much we loved each other. I have never felt a love so magnificent and immaculate than that of which I had in my heart for you. How could two people that felt as if they could never live without each other, now become so distant and far apart? How can a love that was meant to last, crumble right before our very eyes? What happened to our love ... what happened to us?

I would've never thought that I would ever have to question or doubt what we had. You're an amazing man, Wes, you've helped me to discover my dreams and inspired me to become the woman that I've always dreamed of becoming. I am a better person because of you - because you believed in me, because you love me. I love you dearly, Wes, with all my heart.

I look into your eyes and I see a love that is very much still there, but no longer radiant and alive. I don't believe that we grew apart, my love, but we began to grow differently. Does that mean that we stopped loving each other? Absolutely not. You're a very special soul in my life and you will always continue to be. I love you with all my being and I accept that we are now traveling down different paths in our lives, but my love for you will always remain constant and my past of you will be relived in my dreams. Though our roads are different, our paths will always cross and maybe someday in the future, our roads will meet and we will travel down the same path once again, until then my sweet love ... in my heart is where you always reside.

Unconditionally yours,

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