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Friendship Letters

There were times when people couldn't meet their friends for years and letters were the only form of communication they had between them. Writing meaningful letters to one another is an art that is still alive.

Today, most of us are glued to our phones and computer screens, and we are able to converse with all the friends we’ve ever met. Still, we want to give personal attention to certain issues that might come between you and your friends. The best way to keep the relation strong and happy is to write something personal to your friends on a one-and-one basis, every now and then. That's the way you tell them that you still care.

Whatever medium you choose to write a letter can have just as much meaning as the letter itself, especially now that there are so many choices.

Pen and Paper: Anyone who uses a mobile phone would probably scoff at the idea of sitting down to write a letter on a piece of paper, but even this art has its merits. A handwritten letter is one of the most personal and sincere ways to say something to someone, and it gives the recipient something physical to cherish, if the content is especially meaningful.

Email: From a short note to a long and heartfelt personal letter, email can truly be used for any purpose. If you need to express something important to a friend of yours, email is probably the next-best thing to a phone call or seeing them in person.

Facebook/Social Networking: Here you can post private messages to your friend’s Facebook wall or other interaction zone. These are generally more engaging than a text, but not as long or detailed as an email. Messages like these are a great way to hash out future plans, when the discussion involves a lot of details that might need to be easily accessed later.

Texting/Instant Messaging: The beauty of this technology is that it lets you carry on a conversation in real time, from anywhere in the world. It isn’t really suited to writing something longer though. It’s perfect for happily chatting away about anything else that might be on your mind !

Letter on True Friendship

Dear Buddy,

Who knew we would become like one heart and soul identical to each other. Now it’s been almost more than 12 years that we haven’t seen each other. Going back in time when were together in school, lot of people tried to separate us. Revisiting school once again was like nostalgia for the reunion.

Remembrance is a better compliment than love; people never expect tons of love, but only a milligram of remembrance. I miss you the most on my every birthday and celebrate your birthday too, as yours fall on the very next day of mine.

Your Friend,

Fantastic Friendship Letters


Thank You Letter To A Friend

Abigail Adams
234, Park View

23rd March, 2005.

Dear Adam,

It is indeed very rare in this day and age to find true friends on whom we can completely rely and trust. Yet, when we do find such true friends, it is also so easy to take them for granted.

But today I would like to thank you for being my friend and making that special difference in my life.

With best wishes,


Sorry Letter To A Friend

Allan Daniels,
Brooklyn Public University

23rd May 2008

Dear Allan,

I am sorry to inform you that I am being transferred to another university campus from next semester. I had made the application early this year as advised by my father and my class' associate professor who both felt that the environment here in the City was doing little to help me concentrate on my studies. I know that our friendship has grown stronger lately as we have so much in common and have been through similar experiences while in this campus and I deeply regret having kept this from you. I have been promising myself all along that I would gather the courage to tell you face to face but as days went by, my courage thinned.

So, I am writing to let you know that I am going to miss you and will write to you as many times as I can. I would however like to see you next week before I start making preparations for the transfer.

Yours truly,


Goodbye Letter To A Friend

Elsa Richardson,
420, Old Birmingham Street,

30th April, 2007.

Dear Elsa,

Our time together has come to an end and I just could not leave without bidding you a proper farewell. I shall remember the pleasant time we have had these past few days for a long time to come.

I especially enjoyed our long walks along the beach. It was good to catch up and reminisce about out time together in high school and college. I am so glad Mrs Thompson forced us to sit together in high school. We otherwise would not be the good friends we are today.

My cell phone number and email address remain the same. Do keep in touch. I leave you my warmest thanks and best regards for the future.

Kind regards,
Janis Parker.

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