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  What To Do? If Your Girl Likes Another Guy

Is She Flirting with Him?!? What to do if Your Girlfriend is Into Another Man
What To Do If Your Girl Likes Another Guy
You thought everything in your relationship was going really well; you really like her, and you thought she felt the same way. But then you start to notice that she’s going all starry-eyed and romantic…just not when she’s with you!

If you start to notice that your girlfriend is giving another guy some serious attention, then it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship and assess just what you should do for the best. Here are just a few top tips on how you should act if your girlfriend is into another guy.

What to Do When She’s Flirting With Someone Else: Top Tips

Play it cool. The last thing you want to do is get worked up or emotional (or at least, not in front of her!). After all, you may have read the situation wrongly, in which case, you’ll be causing a confrontation when it wasn’t even necessary. Also, playing it cool will remind her why she was with you in the first place; because you’re a laid-back man, who doesn’t need a woman to complete him.

Make friends with the ‘other’ man. If there’s one thing certain to stop this other man from flirting with your girlfriend, it’s you working a serious charm-offensive. Let him get to know you, be really friendly towards him, and chances are, he’ll start to back off from your girl.

If you do confront her, get your facts straight. Don’t confront your girlfriend if you’re feeling angry or overwrought. Instead, wait until you’re feeling totally calm and rational, then gently ask her why she’s been flirting with another man. If possible, inject a bit of humour into the conversation, which may serve to make her see how immaturely she’s been behaving!

Give her plenty of attention. If she’s looking at another man, then there may be a reason. Examine your own behaviour. Are you treating her well, and giving her the attention she deserves? If not, make sure to amend your ways!

If she still insists on keeping up the flirting with him, then you may want to reconsider if she’s the one for you. After all, flirting with someone else shows a certain level of disrespect, and if she doesn’t hold you in high regard, then something is clearly wrong with the relationship.