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  Useful tips to reunite with your Ex

Mending Broken Hearts: How to Get Back With Your Ex After a Breakup
Useful tips to reunite with your Ex
Sometimes, breaking up is the right thing to do. You’ve grown apart, you no longer feel the same way about one another, and there’s no sense in staying together anymore. However, there may be other times when you split up and find yourself doubting the decision, wondering if you’ve done the right thing.

If you find yourself in a position where you still have feelings for your ex and want to get back with them, then the first thing to do is to think things through carefully. Don’t act on impulse, or you might find yourself making decisions that you regret in the future.

If you still want to get back with your ex after considering things carefully, then here is a helpful guide on how to bring the spark back to your relationship and get things back on track.

Easy Steps to Win Back Your Ex

  1. Make yourself appealing. In order to reignite those old feelings of love, you need to return to being the fun, appealing person that you were when they first fell for you. Be light-hearted, fun to be around and positive and remind them about what they’re missing.

  2. Don’t beg. Whatever you do, don’t look desperate; it’s a major turn-off. Play it cool, keep it friendly and light, but make it clear that you’re still interested.

  3. Bring the flirt back. Try to engage your ex in some innocent flirting. Crack jokes with them, use any excuse to touch them subtly and hold eye contact for slightly longer than you would normally. If they respond, then you know that things are moving in the right direction.
When you decide to take the plunge and ask them out again, choose your moment wisely. Don’t rush things, give your ex time to adjust to the idea, and make sure that they feel the same way before raising the subject with them.