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Is She Into You? Top Tell-tale Signs That She Really Likes You
Top signs She likes you
Girls can be tricky to understand at times; and one of the hardest things is trying to work out whether she actually really likes you, or whether she’s just being friendly and polite.

If you find yourself wondering whether she’s into you or not, then this handy guide is designed to help you to find out for sure.

Top Signs that She’s Into You

  • She keeps glancing over at you. If you notice that she keeps looking over in your direction, even when she’s talking to someone else, then that’s a sure sign that she really likes you. If you’re feeling confused because she keeps looking away again as soon as your eyes meet, then don’t be. She’s playing it cool, and doesn’t want to look too readily available.

  • She touches or licks her lips when she’s talking to you. According to body language experts, if a woman touches her mouth, or licks her lips when she’s talking to you, then she’s definitely interested!

  • She laughs at your jokes. If she often laughs at your jokes (even the not very good ones) then it’s likely that she’s into you. Recognising your jokes is her way of showing you her approval.

  • She’ll make excuses to talk to you. Feeling surprised because the girl you like has just come over to ask if she can borrow your pencil? This sort of behaviour is a classic sign that she likes you and wants an excuse to make contact with you.

  • She’ll make comments on your social media pages. Naturally, you’re friends with each other on social media sites; but you can’t help noticing that she’ll often comment on your status, or leave a message on your profile page. This is a good sign that she’s really into you, and it provides the perfect opportunity for a little bit of online flirting!

If she’s displaying the signs, then there’s only one thing left to do; get flirting with her and ask her out! Good luck!