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  Tips for successful long distance relationship

Long Term Relationship? Techniques to Ensure that She Doesn’t Stray Whilst You’re Away
Tips for successful long distance relationship
Long distance relationships are, by their very nature, fraught with uncertainty, not to mention the odd outbreak of anxiety! When your beloved partner is several miles away, it’s easy to start imagining all kinds of unpleasant scenarios, most involving your girlfriend getting together with another, more readily available guy.

However, don’t panic, help is at hand. Here are some fail-safe techniques to ensure that your girlfriend stays interested in you, regardless of how many time-zones there may be between you.

Top Techniques to Keep Your Long-Distance Girlfriend Interested

Play it cool…but not too cool! Allow your girlfriend to be free. Encourage her to go out and socialise, and make sure that you do the same yourself, and that she’s aware of it. This sends a strong message to her, that you trust her completely, and that you’re confident enough in yourself to be comfortable with her enjoying herself with other people. However, it’s important not to come across as uninterested, as this will make her feel undervalued.

Surprise her with an amazing gift. Send her a really special gift, something meaningful that shows you’ve put real thought into it; such as a piece of artwork or a massage session at the local spa. She’ll really appreciate the thought.

Send her text messages. A great way to keep the fire alive in your relationship is to send a surprise message during the day, letting her know that you’re thinking of her. Feel free to make it as sexy or as romantic as you feel appropriate!

Keep her on her toes. Believe it or not, women tend not to like a man who is too available, who trails after her like a lost puppy! Don’t drop everything to fit into her schedule, remember, it’s about compromise, and she’ll respect you more for it.

Send her photos. Send her regular photos of yourself (and encourage her to do the same) so she can remember exactly what she fell for in the first place!