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  Techniques to flirt with a friend

Taking Friendship to the Next Level: Successful Ways to Flirt With Your Friend
Techniques to flirt with a friend
If you’ve been great friends with your crush for a while, then taking it to the next level can seem like a daunting prospect. After all, you’ve got used to just being pla

tonic with one another, and knowing how best to transform the friendship into a full blown romance can be a tricky task to get right. You don’t want to risk the good relationship that you’ve already got!

If you’ve got feelings for your friend and you want to start introducing some flirting into your relationship, here are some great tips to ensure that you get it right.

Top Tips When Flirting With Friends

  • Get them a thoughtful gift. It’s always nice to get a gift from a friend, but an extra thoughtful gift will show him or her that you’ve really taken the time to consider what they would like. It gives them the clear message that you really care about them.

  • Start doing more ‘relationship’ activities. Instead of hanging out down town, take them to a restaurant for a ‘friendly’ meal, or suggest going to a bar to enjoy a drink or two; purely platonic of course! These more romantic venues may help to get your friend in the right frame of mind to view you as something more than just a companion…

  • Make more physical contact. As a friend, you’re in a good position to be fairly tactile anyway, but when you’re next giving them a hug, take longer over it than usual. Touch their arm when they make you laugh, or wrap a protective arm over their shoulder if they seem down.

Take things slowly and see what their reaction is. You’ll soon realise if they are not interested in taking things any further; but if they respond to your flirting, chances are that they are ready to move things to a more romantic level!