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  Smart Tips to Flirt with Girls

How to Flirt with Girls: A Step by Step Guide
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Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend, or just looking to get out there and have some fun, it’s important to know the fine art of flirting. Here is a step by step guide to have you flirting like a pro in super-quick time. Have fun!

Expert Guide to Flirting:

  • Be self-confident (and if you can’t be…fake it!). Girls love a self-confident guy. Work on building your confidence; one of the best ways to do this is to practice! Develop your confidence by talking to girls, accepting that initially you might feel awkward and embarrassed; but trust us…practice really does make perfect. In the meantime, fake confidence like a pro by maintaining a firm, strong posture and making regular eye contact.

  • Be friendly. Successful flirts are always friendly. They’ll be the ones who have no problem waving to a girl across the room, or giving a female a winning smile whilst standing in a queue next to her. If, by contrast, you choose to give off an unfriendly, unapproachable demeanour, it’s unlikely that you’ll get any attention; the girls will think you’re too intimidating!

  • Get a new style. Get the girls talking for all the right reasons by getting a new style. If in doubt, ask a trusted friend or a sibling to help you out. Sometimes, a new wardrobe and a haircut can completely transform even the most unnoticeable of guys into a walking girl-magnet!

  • Connect online. Making contact online via social media sites is an excellent way of getting flirty in a safe, non-threatening environment; perfect if you’re feeling a little bit shy.
  • Don’t be too available. Hanging around after a girl and following her like a lost puppy is not a good idea. In fact, it can be a real turn off, and she may lose respect for you. Instead, hang out with your friends, and let her know that she’s important to you, but that she’s not the only thing that matters in your life. This lack of immediate availability will instantly make you more attractive.

And the ultimate best way to improve your flirting? Get out there, get practicing and start things moving today. Good luck!