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  Quiz To Know If A Guy Likes You

Does he Like You? Take our Fun Quiz to Find Out Today!
Quiz to Know if A Guy Likes you
Not sure if he’s into you? Well, don’t worry; help is at hand. This fun quiz will tell you straight away whether or not he’s interested!

Are You Ready? Here Come the Questions…

  • You see him in the corridor, walking towards you…swoon! Does he:
  • Walk past without noticing you?
  • Catch your eye, smile slightly, and then look away?
  • Say hello, or stop to chat?

  • You’re at a party, and he’s standing over the other side of the room. He notices you. Does he:
  • Look the other way and carry on talking to the person he’s with?
  • Hold your gaze for a while, then walk away?
  • Smile with genuine pleasure, then come over to talk to you?

  • What’s his body language like when he’s around you?
  • He’s often got his arm crossed, and will sometimes glance at his watch.
  • He seems a bit nervous at times, twitchy and unsure of how to stand.
  • He leans in, focusing on every word you say, and sometimes touches you on the arm.

  • You drop your mobile in front of him. Does he:
  • Roll his eyes and walk past, chuckling under his breath?
  • Look concerned, smile awkwardly, and then walk quickly away?
  • Immediately reach down to pick it up for you?

  • You see him talking to another girl. Is he:
  • Chatting really enthusiastically with her, laughing at all her jokes?
  • Being friendly to her, but glancing over at you every so often?
  • Talking to her distractedly, before making his excuses to come and talk to you?

Now for the Results…

Take a deep breath, here goes! If you got mostly A’s, then sadly, we don’t think he’s that into you. He seems to be going out of his way to show you that he’s not interested, and it’s probably best to give it up and seek someone else more deserving of your attention.

If you got mostly B’s, then there’s a strong chance he likes you, but be warned, he’s really shy, and he just doesn’t know how to approach you. And if you got mostly C’s, then there’s no doubt about it, he’s really into you, and he’ll probably ask you out soon, if his behaviour is anything to go by!