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  Past love life confusions

Relighting the Fire: Getting Back with Your Ex…Is it Ever a Good Idea?
Past love life confusions
When you broke up with your ex, you thought that was the end of the relationship. For whatever reason, you’d both decided that it was better to be apart than together, and you went your separate ways.

However, then something unexpected happens. Just as you thought you’d moved on with your life, you suddenly find yourself in a position where you’re alone with your ex, and all the feelings you once had for him or her have come rushing back. The big question is: what should you do for the best?

It’s always difficult knowing whether or not to reignite love with your ex-partner. Before you make any hasty decisions, here are a few things to think about.

Getting Back With Your Ex? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

  • Why did we break up in the first place? It’s important to remember just what caused you to break up in the first place. If it was a major issue such as infidelity, you need to ask yourself whether you can trust them again.

  • Was I happier without them? After the break-up, were you left feeling as though a part of you was missing, or did you find it surprisingly easy to carry on with your life? If you didn’t actually miss being with them that much, then it’s probably not wise to get back with them!

  • Were we actually compatible? When you split up with someone, you’ll often find yourself reflecting on the relationship and wondering whether you were that compatible. If you discovered that actually, you weren’t so well suited after all, then you’ve got your answer right there!

  • Am I just getting back with them because I’m lonely? If so, this is not a good reason to re-start the relationship! Wait until you’re in a better place emotionally, then review the situation from there.

Is it a case of ‘better the devil you know’? If you’re only thinking of getting back with them because they are familiar and it feels less risky being with them than starting fresh with someone you don’t know, then this is a sure-fire recipe for disaster!