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  Long Distance Love Problems

Struggling with Your Long Distance Relationship? Here Are Some Helpful Coping Strategies
Long Distance Love Problems
We all know that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a great long distance relationship. However, when it’s you personally that is experiencing the prospect of your loved one departing to a far off location, the prospect of coping with a long distance relationship can seem very daunting indeed.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and upset by it all, then firstly, know that it is very natural to feel that way. However, don’t feel that you have to suffer. There are plenty of coping strategies that you can employ to make your long distance relationship a pleasure, not a torture.

Long Distance Relationships: How to Cope When Your Loved One is Far Away

Talk to friends and family. Remember that you don’t have to suffer alone. You’ve got friends and family around you, who would be happy to listen to you and offer comfort and advice.

Stay active. The worst thing you can possibly do is sit and pine at home. This will only make the pain worse. Instead, keep active. Take up a new sport or hobby (preferably with a friend or two) and focus on staying as positive as possible.

Socialise. Don’t be afraid to go out and have fun. Remember, you’re not being disloyal to your partner; it’s really important that you rediscover your identity as an individual, rather than just part of a couple.

Allow yourself time to grieve. After your partner departs, you’re sure to feel sad for a while. However, rather than bottling up those feelings, allow yourself to express them. Write it down in a diary, talk to people, or even better, talk to your loved one, so you can both share the pain and comfort one another. And remember, it will get easier.

Look for fun ways to keep the relationship alive. Rather than becoming fatalistic, and presuming that the relationship is doomed to fail, look for ways you can keep it alive. There are plenty of fun things you can do to keep things exciting, such as sending romantic texts, midnight phone calls and surprise visits, if you can save enough money to get there!

Fun and Flirting from a Distance: How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship as Exciting as Possible!

Whoever said that you needed to get up close and personal to keep your relationship exciting? As any long distance couple knows, you can ignite a fire in your loved one, even when you’re a million miles away from them, providing you’ve got the know-how!

Here are our top tips to keeping the passion and excitement alive in your long term relationship.

Exciting Long Distance Love: Hot Tips

Get flirty on the phone (or by Skype!). There’s something about long distance communication that really allows people to relax, unwind and have some serious flirty fun! Use your phone conversations to indulge in some playful flirtation, and use Skype to provide your loved one with a visual image of what they’re missing back home.

Get together, without being together. Now it’s time to get playful. Set up your dinner table for two, complete with candlelight and flowers, and invite him or her on a date at yours, via the power of Skype. Alternatively, watch a film ‘together’, making sure to press play at the same moment, so you can chat about it in real time!

Play games online. It’s great fun to play games online at the best of times, but challenge your loved one to an online game and you’ve taken the experience to a whole new level! The best games are those in which you can also chat whilst playing, which makes the fun truly smoking hot!

Plan a surprise visit. If you’re able to, plan a surprise visit when they’re least expecting it. Turn up at their house, armed with a romantic gift, and enjoy their delighted realisation when they open the door.

Send flirty text messages throughout the day. A great way to flirt remotely is by text. Playful notes, telling them how gorgeous you think they are, are guaranteed to bring a blush of pleasure to their cheeks.