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  Is This Easy To Attract A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend

Attracting a Guy with a Girlfriend…Should You Do It? And Just How Easy is it to Do?
Is This Easy To Attract A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend
You’re totally smitten with him. Everything about him, from his immaculately styled hair to his boyish grin, sets your heart beating faster. In fact, everything is just completely perfect about him, apart from one thing. He has a girlfriend.

However, that doesn’t stop you wanting to make him your own. Quite the reverse in fact. There’s something about a taken man that makes them even more attractive, in a strange, contradictory way.

Before You Set About Trying to Make Him Yours…Stop! Think First.

It’s easy to get carried away by your emotions. However, irrespective of how powerfully you feel about him, you need to remember that he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend, like you, probably has deep feelings for him too, and if you tried to steal him away, you would end up causing her pain and emotional distress.
Before you act, you need to ask yourself very seriously: Do you want to be the one to cause another person hurt and upset?

How to Attract Him Successfully…

If you do decide to try to make him yours, then you need to make sure that you do it properly. Too much obvious flirting, and you could find yourself in serious hot water with the existing girlfriend!

Be subtle with your approach, and take things slowly. Work on becoming his friend first and don’t let him know you’re interested. In fact, the more unavailable you present yourself as being, the greater the chances of him reciprocating your feelings.

Don’t make yourself appear too ‘easy’ with suggestive clothing or make-up. After all, you’re a classy, empowered woman, and you want him to like you for who you truly are.

Above all else, tread carefully, and be sensitive to the situation. If you’re picking up signals that he’s not interested, then respect his feelings and stop the flirting. If he’s showing signs of interest, then gently encourage him, whilst acknowledging that he needs to act decently and end things with his girlfriend before starting anything with you.