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  Impressive flirting tricks for guys

Get the Girls to Love You: Hot Flirting Tips for Guys
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Chances are that there is a man that you know that has 100% success with the ladies. He’s the one they all rush to talk to whenever he enters the room; the one they all sigh over when he tosses his perfectly styled hair and the one they want to be with, whenever he happens to be single!

However, before you tell yourself that it’s purely down to his good looks or natural charm…stop! This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst a handsome face and a winning personality undoubtedly helpful, it’s actually more to do with his naturally flirtatious manner, which draws females to him like bees to a honeypot.

Get Your Flirt On: The Best Flirting Techniques for Guys

If you want to enjoy the attention of the ladies, then learn these amazing flirting techniques today
  1. Be attentive. Females find it a complete turn-off when men don’t take in interest in what they are saying. Give her your complete attention and respond appropriately to her comments; she’ll feel really flattered that you’ve made the effort.

  2. Pay her compliments. Flatter her and make her feel good about herself; she’ll bask in the glow of your approval. However, remember that too much flattery can come across as insincere.

  3. Be suave. Now is the time to unleash your inner gentleman! Be calm, cool, and whatever you do, don’t appear desperate. Remember, those girls will find you far more attractive if they think you’re hard to get!

  4. Hold the gaze, but not for too long. When you’re flirting with her, hold her gaze for a while, just enough to make her blush and bite her lip, but don’t hold the eye contact for too long, as this can appear a bit unsettling!
Work the ‘secret smile’. If you see her across a crowded room, meet her eye and give her the ‘secret smile’; the slight upturning of the lips that tells her that you’re thinking about her and no-one else. Works every time!