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  Hurdles in long distance relationshi

You’re in a Long Distance Relationship…Now What? What to Expect When You Both Live Far Apart
Hurdles in long distance relationshi
Whether you’ve recently found the love of your life online, only to discover that they live the other side of the country, or you’ve just discovered that your boyfriend or girlfriend needs to move away; it’s important to be prepared for the realities of a long distance relationship, and know what action to take in order to make it work.

Here is a checklist of the things you need to be prepared for when entering into a long distance relationship.

The Long Distance Relationship Checklist

Be prepared to travel. For a long distance relationship to work, you’ll both need to be committed to travelling every so often to see one another. Check your finances, estimate how much it will cost you, and make sure that you plan your visits fairly, without one person feeling as though they are making more of an effort than the other.

Make sure you’ve got a variety of ways to communicate. Talking on the phone is great, but sometimes it’s nice to keep things varied. Talking via video online, text messaging, emailing and instant messaging are other great methods of staying in touch.

Understand the importance of making the most of your time together. When you get together, you need to both put the effort in to ensure you get as much from it as possible. Plan out some special activities to enjoy together and make every minute count.

Set boundaries. When you’re such a great distance from one another, it’s especially important to set boundaries. For example, you might be happy for one another to be in the company of people of the opposite sex, but completely unhappy with any flirtatious behaviour. If so, make sure you establish this from the start.

Be creative. Preserving the magic of your relationship takes work, and also creativity. To ensure that you’re both still smitten, even after a few months of being apart, takes a high level of creativity and dedication, so make sure you fully understand this before you commit to the relationship.