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  How to know the truth of long distance love

When Love Doesn’t Go the Distance: Signs that Your Long Distance Love Isn’t Working
How to know the truth of long distance love
With the right amount of dedication and effort, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy a really successful long distance relationship. However, the inescapable truth of the matter is that long-distance relationships encounter more obstacles than most. The distance itself can cause things to cool off, not to mention the level of work involved in keeping the flame alive.

Are you worried that your long distance relationship won’t last? There are some classic signs that you need to be aware of, which indicate strongly that things aren’t well with you and your long distance love.

Key Signs that Your Long Distance Relationship Isn’t Working

You’ve both stopped bothering to see each other. In the early days of your relationship, it’s likely that you were happy to go the extra mile to see one another. With long distance relationships, it’s really important to maintain this, otherwise the prolonged absence can create a rift. If one, or both of you, no longer wants the hassle of meeting up, it’s a sure sign that things aren’t right.

You experience ‘awkward silences’ when talking on the phone. If you’ve noticed that your conversations are starting to become full of awkward silences, this is also a sign that you’ve quite literally run out of things to say to one another, and are struggling to find a common ground.

You can both think of things you’d rather be doing. If either you or your partner find yourself thinking of those daily conversations as a chore rather than a pleasure, then this is a strong indication that you’ve both become tired of one another.

You’ve started to become attracted to other people. Of course, it’s perfectly natural to look at other people, especially if they are good looking! But if you find yourself becoming actively attracted to other people, this could be an indication that your long-distance relationship is coming to an end.

If you’re worried that your relationship isn’t going to last, then the most important thing is to discuss it with your partner. Be open with one another and talk about your feelings; then you’ll be in a better position to figure out whether it’s worth trying to save the relationship, or both agree to move on.