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  How to Flirt With A Girl

Cute Ways to Flirt with Your Girlfriend: Tips from the Flirting Pros
How to Flirt With A Girl
Flirting is great fun, and it can really keep the spark going in a relationship. Just because you’ve been dating for a while, doesn’t mean that you should let the romance die; instead you need to focus on keeping that fire burning!

If you’re looking for some seriously successful flirting tips to make her putty in your hands, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few techniques, as tested by the flirting experts, to help keep the magic alive between you and your girlfriend.

Fantastic Flirting: How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting with Flirting

Get mobile. Texting is a fantastic way to keep her thinking about you throughout the day. Send her a text during the day, telling her that you’re thinking about her, and she’s bound to go weak at the knees!

Get tactile, when nobody’s looking. Sometimes, the lightest touch can send electricity running through your body. Use this to full effect by brushing her arm lightly with your fingers when nobody’s watching, or stroking her back when you’re standing next to one another. Physical contact is a really important way to keep things exciting between the two of you.

Create a secret code. Have a secret code word or gesture that lets her know when you’re thinking about her. It could even be as simple as a wink. She’ll spot the signal, and it’s sure to bring a smile to her face.

Flatter her. Never let your girlfriend think that you take her for granted. Keep the love alive by telling her how beautiful she is, by letting her know how amazing she looks in that new outfit and by reassuring her whenever you can. She’ll love that you care enough to make her feel valued and appreciated.

And of course, above all else, remember to have fun in your relationship. Shared laughter is one of the most vital parts of flirtation, and it’s the one aspect that’s really guaranteed to make sure that your love goes the distance.