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  First Date Conversation Starters

Awkward Silences, Get Out of Town! How to Start a Conversation on a First Date
First Date Conversation Starters
Is there anything that people dread more on a first date than those painful, awkward silences? It can really take the pleasure out of the dating experience, and turn an otherwise fabulous evening into a bit of a torture!

However, here are some hot tips to ensure that you never suffer an awkward silence ever again.

Chatting on the First Date: Easy Tips to Get the Conversation Flowing

  • Keep it light. Your first date is a great chance for you and your partner to have fun together. Leave the heavy stuff for later on in the relationship, and concentrate on keeping the first date fun, light-hearted and with as much laughter included as possible!

  • Five Conversation starters. Before you go on your date, think of five conversation starters, in case for any reason you encounter a bit of a lull in the flow of your chatting. Great topics include hobbies and interests, music, future plans and family.

  • Find a common ground. The conversation will really start to flow when you find a common ground, something that you both love and enjoy. It may take a while to locate it, but if you’re compatible, you should be able to find something that you can both get really enthusiastic about!

  • Flatter, but just a little. Being positive and flattering about your date can really help bolster their confidence (not to mention make them warm to you), but if you go overboard, they’ll start to doubt your sincerity. In this instance, a little goes a long way, so use sparingly.

  • Listen, then respond! Sometimes, when you’re nervous, it’s easy to start to talk too much. Remember that listening is just as important, and your date wants to think that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say. Pay attention to their responses, then respond with a thoughtful, considered answer. They’ll be pleased that you’ve shown an interest in them.
    Above all else, remember to have fun! See the conversations on the first date as a really valuable chance to get to know them better, and who knows where the evening could lead!