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Places to Go to Find a Girlfriend: Tips from the Dating Experts
Find A Girlfriend
Are you ready to get on the dating scene and find that special someone, but unsure where to start looking? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A staggeringly high amount of men confess that they don’t know where exactly to head to in order to find a girlfriend, and feel totally clueless when it comes to knowing the best locations to discover love.

If you want the secret best locations to meet girls, then read on…

Top Secret: Best Locations to Meet Women and Get a Girlfriend

The supermarket. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it! But seriously, the fruit and vegetable aisles at your local supermarket are often a great place to meet girls. Examine the products near to where she’s standing, then make a light-hearted comment to kick-start a conversation. After that, it’s a simple case of chatting, then getting her number!

At a nightclub. Of course, it’s no secret that nightclubs provide a great opportunity for meeting attractive women. However, the real secret lies in how you approach them when you’re there. Forget the dance-floor. It’s too noisy, too hot and too distracting (though make sure you catch her eye when you’re dancing!). Instead, head to the bar. It’s a great location to get talking to girls whilst waiting for a drink.

At the gym. There are always plenty of women at the gym, but you have to be careful how you approach them. Remember, they’ll probably be focused on their exercise, and might not want to be distracted. Catch her when she’s taking some time out to have a drink, or when she’s sitting down to get her breath back. Keep it friendly and light-hearted, and who knows where it might lead.

At your best friend’s party. If you’ve got a friend who has a lot of success with the ladies, then get him to help you! If he’s hosting a party, ask him to invite lots of single women, and request that he introduces you to one or two whilst you’re there.