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  Does He Like Me Quiz

Is Your Boyfriend Still Into You? Take this Fun Quiz to Find Out!
Does He Like Me Quiz
Regardless of whether you’ve been going out for a long time or have only been on a few dates, there might be times when you’re just not sure how he feels about you. Does he still really like you, or is he starting to lose interest?

If you’re worried that your boyfriend might no longer feel the same way, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a few classic signs that can give you a clear answer. Have a go at this quiz to see if he’s still into you, or if he’s starting to stray!

He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not? Find Out with This Fun Quiz!

  • He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not? Find Out with This Fun Quiz!
  • When you suggest spending some time together, what is his reaction? Is it:
  • Awkwardness and excuses, apparently, he’s got something else booked. Again.
  • Uncertainty, but he says that he would like to do something soon.
  • Keenness; he immediately whips out his diary to book something in.

  • You lean over to give him a hug. How does he respond? Does he:
  • Remain rigid, without returning your embrace.
  • Lean into you a little, but doesn’t completely return the hug.
  • Gives you a big, enthusiastic cuddle.

  • You’re feeling really down, and you call your boyfriend, hoping he’ll cheer you up. Does he:
  • Make excuses, saying he’s got to go out to meet his friends.
  • Listen patiently and offer advice.
  • Say all the right things, then offer to come over to cheer you up.

  • You and your boyfriend have an argument. What happens next?
  • He doesn’t call. You have to chase him to make it up.
  • He calls after a few days, and clumsily tries to smooth things over.
  • He calls straight away, apologising, and offers to take you out somewhere to clear the air.

Are You and He Meant to Be? Here are the Results…

If you scored mostly A’s, then guess what? He’s just not that into you anymore, and the way he’s been treating you, we think you can do much better! If you got mostly B’s, then he’s definitely still interested, but there’s something not quite right between you two at the moment, and perhaps it’s a good idea to have a chat and sort things out. However, if you scored mostly C’s, you’ve got nothing to worry about; he still completely adores you.