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  Complexities of Relationships

Troubleshooting Guide to Common Relationship Problems
Complexities of Relationships
Is your relationship going through a bad patch? Are you struggling to see eye to eye with one another at the moment? Or are you finding yourself seriously doubting as to whether your relationship will last the distance?

If your relationship is experiencing problems, it may not be time to call it a day just yet. Many relationships go through tough times, and most issues do have a resolution, providing you and your partner are willing to work through the problems together.

Troubleshooting Common Relationship Problems:

We never talk properly any more. Communication is integral to a successful relationship. Without it, you will swiftly start to feel distant from one another, which can lead to the relationship breaking down. Here are a few ways to tackle the problem.

Make time for each other. Set aside some time together, to sit down and talk properly.
Don’t shout. Keep it calm, civilised and listen to each other politely, respecting the other’s right to air their views.
Don’t get defensive. If you feel under attack, remember that it’s their right to express how they are feeling. Listen to what they say, and think about finding a productive solution that suits both of you.

They’re more into their friends than me. Feeling neglected is never a good thing in a relationship, and it can make you seriously doubt as to whether the relationship is going to last. Here are a few suggestions about how to tackle the problem.

Suggest meeting his friends with him / her, or even bringing some of your own friends along.
Recognise the fact that it’s important to spend time with friends every so often, and it’s important to make sure your partner knows you understand this.
Don’t get possessive. This can create problems in even the most rock solid of relationships.

They’re constantly jealous of other men / women. Jealousy is a terrible thing, and can completely destroy a relationship. If you find yourself suffering from jealousy, or alternatively, struggling under the oppressive weight of your partner’s jealousy, here’s what to do.

Make sure that you’re not making them feel insecure. Give them lots of affection and reassure them that you’re only interested in one person!
If they’re jealous of a particular person (of the opposite sex) then introduce them formally, and encourage a friendship to develop.
Never deliberately try to make them feel jealous. More often than not, it does more damage than good.

Above all else, remember how important it is to discuss problems when they arise. Don’t let them build up until they become too big to deal with properly. Good luck!