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  Best ways to recognize her flirting

Feminine Flirting: A Guide to the Ways in Which Girls Flirt, and How to Tell Whether She’s Flirting With You
Best ways to recognize her flirting
Your crush is looking over at you. She catches your eye and smiles slightly, leaving you feeling thrilled at the prospect that she might have been flirting with you. But later on, when you talk to her in the corridor, she seems awkward, and doesn’t want to make eye contact, which makes you doubt as to whether she likes you at all; talk about confusing!

Don’t worry if this sort of behaviour leaves you feeling completely baffled as to whether she likes you or not; it tends to have even the most suave and debonair of males feeling a bit bemused. Here are a few things you need to know about the flirting techniques of females, to make sure you never feel uncertain about her feelings again.

A Quick Guide to the Flirting Habits of Females

    Wondering if she likes you? With this guide to female flirting, you’ll have all the answers you’ll ever need to know!

  • Girls will flirt with your friends to get your attention. It seems strange, but this is a common technique that girls use when they want to get your attention. So if you see her chatting eagerly to your best friend, don’t feel jealous, you now know what she’s up to! If she keeps glancing over to check that you’ve noticed, this is even more of a giveaway.

  • She touches you (even lightly). Females are very aware of how tactile most men are, and they’ll often use the power of touch to flirt. If she brushes against you, or taps your arm when sharing a joke with you, she definitely likes you.

  • She plays with her hair, or touches her mouth. If you see her twirling her hair around her finger, or licking her lips whilst looking at you, it means she wants you to notice her. It’s a typically playful, flirtatious gesture.

  • She’ll often look in your direction. Even if she’s deep in conversation with her friends, if you notice her glancing over in your direction, then it’s a sure sign that she likes you.

  • She’s mimicking your body language. Next time you’re talking to her, look at the position she’s standing in. Is it a mirror image of yours? Subconscious ‘mirroring’ is a sign that someone is really into you.