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  Best tips for long distance love

Keeping the Love Alive: How to Maintain a Spark in Your Long-Distance Relationship
Best tips for long distance love
If you’re in a long distance relationship, then it’s likely that one of your top priorities is keeping the magic alive and preserving that special quality that made you attracted to one another in the first place.

Here are just a few top tips to help keep the magic alive in your relationship when you and your partner live a long distance away from one another.

A Guide to Keep the Love Alive in a Long Distance Relationship

There are, of course, several things you can do to keep your love feeling fresh, meaningful and special, irrespective of the miles between you. Here are just a few of our favourite suggestions for you to try out on your long-distance lover!

Text one romantic quote a day. We love this idea. Every day, find a special quote about love, and send it to them. They’ll start to look forward to your daily texts and know that you’re thinking about them, which can really help to keep things fresh and exciting.

Create a photo book for them. It’s really important to make sure that your face is fresh in their mind, each and every day. Create a photo book, filled with photos of you both, together with photos of you doing fun things, for him or her to look through when they’re missing you.

Send them a cute gift. Receiving a gift in the post is always a pleasurable experience, and it’s much more meaningful if it’s come from someone special. Try to make it something that is personal to them, or even better, have a go at making something. Even a home-made CD with all your special songs as one compilation makes a great, cost-effective gift, and is sure to be well appreciated!

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings through letters, emails and texts; and set time aside each day to talk, either on the phone, or via the internet. This way, your relationship is sure to last the distance.