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How to Keep Him Hooked: Tips for a Happy Relationship
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Keeping your man happy is fairly easy, isn’t it? After all, as long as they have lots of intimacy, are given plenty of reassurance and fed well, they tend to be pretty content, right?

Well, whilst those things are important, there is more to it than just simply feeding your boyfriend fantastic food and giving him lots of romantic attention. As with many things in life, it’s all about getting those all-important little details right. Here are a few of our favourite tips.

Little Tips to Make Your Man a Very Happy Boyfriend!

Treat him for a change. There’s a lot of pressure on the man to be the one who buys surprise gifts and pays for the date. It’s a really nice gesture to treat him every once in a while, to make him feel really valued and special.

Don’t be afraid to voice an opinion. It’s a common misconception that men like a woman to agree with everything they say. In actual fact, most men are wildly attracted to a women who knows her own mind and is confident enough to give voice to her thoughts.

Write him a love letter (and hide it). Write a really romantic love letter and hide it in his lunchbox, or tuck it inside a book that he’s reading. He’ll discover it when you’re not there and be really touched by the gesture.

Be spontaneous. When you’re out for the evening, don’t be afraid to suggest doing something really crazy, like splashing in puddles or going on a midnight walk. He’ll love your creativity and impulsiveness.

If you’ve got an issue, wait until the right time to discuss it. If your man has done something wrong, pick the right moment to bring it up, in a calm, relaxed situation. This will help avoid an argument, and he’ll appreciate that you’ve waited until the right time.

Of course, the most important thing is to be yourself. After all, that’s why he’s with you; because you are you, and there’s no one else like you! Celebrate your unique qualities and let him enjoy the real you.