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  Best Text Flirting Tips

Tantalising Texting: How to Be a Fantastic Text Flirting Pro!
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Whoever said that your phone couldn’t be a really sexy piece of technological equipment?

Armed with a mobile device, you can engage in a whole lot of textual talking and take your relationship to new levels of flirtatious fun! Whether you’re with a partner already, or looking to enjoy some playful chat with your crush, we’ve got some fantastic text tips to help you to get seriously flirty!

The Ultimate Guide to Fantastic Text Flirting

  • Keep the conversation flowing. When you’re flirting by text, you want to keep the chat going as long as possible, to really build up a sense of playful excitement! The best way to do this is to keep the conversation open-ended; asking a question is the most effective way to do this.

  • Be original. Don’t stick to boring, safe texting. For your information, the question ‘how are you today’ is now officially banned, for being the most boring question you could ever text!

  • Make them laugh. Humour is a fantastic way to inject some flirtation into your text. It could be a joke, or just something you noticed recently that you wanted to share with them. Light-hearted messages are always sure to get the recipient in the mood. However, don’t try too hard. If it doesn’t come naturally, don’t force it.

  • Don’t stalk. The odd flirtatious text works really well. However, bombarding your crush with hundreds of texts a day comes across as more than a little bit creepy and is best avoided at all costs. Remember, play it cool!

  • Emoticons work wonders. An image can speak a thousand words. Place a little winking emoticon at the end of the message, and your crush will know exactly what you’re thinking of.

Have fun with your texting; after all, that’s what flirting is all about. Enjoy!