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  Best flirting Tricks for Girls

Flutter Those Lashes! How to Flirt With a Guy and Get Results
Best flirting Tricks for Girls
We all know a girl who is simply irresistible to the opposite sex. There’s just something about her, isn’t there? A simple toss of her hair, a subtle, suggestive smile, and all the men are powerless to resist her!

Well, believe it or not, that girl could be you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to look like a supermodel to get the guy. The truth of the matter is, if you know how to flirt, you’ll have that man hanging on to your every word before you know it.

Fun, Fabulous Flirting Tips to Get the Guy Today!

Be playful. Flirting is all about keeping it light and keeping it friendly. Be energetic, be playful and crack jokes; men absolutely love to be playfully teased by a woman!

Keep it cool. Whilst it’s important to be playful, don’t try to steal all the limelight. It’s important to listen to him too, plus any other people that might be with you; and you need to remember that having a certain level of mysterious allure is also very attractive.

Touch, but not too much! Body contact, if used well, can be a very powerful technique to use when it comes to flirting. Reach across and touch him lightly on the arm when laughing at his joke, or brush past him gently when passing him in the corridor. The delicate touch will send him wild with desire for you!

Flatter his ego. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with the flattery, but the occasional compliment really works wonders and it shows him that you really like him. It’s also a good idea to laugh at his jokes, as this will make him feel good about himself.

Remember that successful flirting is all about keeping it light, fun and enigmatic. With the right level of flirting, you can guarantee that the cute guy you’ve been checking out recently will be yours in double-quick time!