Do you want to make this Valentine Day special through an unique culinary experience with your sweetheart? A nice evening spent in a posh restaurant with top quality food served to you can give the much anticipated "gourmet delight" to your beloved. For a personal touch, you can prepare some exotic dishes at home as well.

Food with highest quality and flavor, well garnished and presented in an artful manner is called gourmet, and when you do that for the special person in your life, it actually gets its true meaning. Try out some roasted chicken, barbeque pork, crispy duck as well as healthy yet mouthwatering soups this Valentine, and make the day memorable forever!

Cheese and grape Plater
Cheese is a great companion to any fruit. You may prepare a delicious yet healthy platter combining both and serve it at anytime of the day. The platter is easy to make as all you need to do is to crumb the cheese of your choice on the platter and then garnish the platter with colorful grapes. You may either mix it and serve the platter to your guest. To make more attractive, cut the cheese into square pieces. Bring some toothpicks and stick a piece of cheese with a piece of grape and keep them individually. Enjoy the tangy-sweety taste with your guests and make the party rocking!