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Romantic SMS for Girlfriend

Whether you try to win over your girlfriend with something really impressive or add some spice to your existing relationship, a romantic message is much needed. No matter how effortlessly you can woo your lady love, having a romantic side in disposal can always prove handy, especially on a day like Valentine's Day. Pick some of these cute love messages and love quotes for your lady and cast a spell on her. She might fall for you over and over again.

Valentine day messages for girlfriend

Expression of love is one of the most difficult tasks in life. But then, god has created this day called valentine for lovers everywhere. So, if you wish to send some touching valentine messages to your girlfriend, your search ends here. These unique love messages are meant for this special day of love and for someone who sums up your entire life.
  1. One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug the person you love, and they hug you tighter. I Love You.Send SMS

  2. Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. Happy Valentine's Day.Send SMS

  3. Dear Love, I'll stuff you with happiness like a cuddly teddy. Happy Teddy Day.Send SMS

  4. I liked you the day you said you liked me more than chocolates.Send SMS

  5. I'll go the extra mile, just to see you smiling. Because that's the smile that makes me feel good and ready to go through all the crap in the day.Send SMS

  6. If I reached for your hand, will u hold it?
    If I hold out my arms, will u hug me?
    If I go for your lips, will u kiss me?
    If I capture your heart, will u love me??Send SMS

  7. When you smiled you had my undivided attention.
    When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you.
    When you cried you had my urge to hold you.
    When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever. Send SMS

  8. If I had one wish
    I would give you a long and tender kiss
    And if I had two wishes
    Then I would choose to do it over again. Send SMS

  9. Can you see me?
    Turn around, can you see me now?
    Turn again, can you see me now?
    I can see you because you have a special place in my heart!Send SMS

  1. Last night I matched each star with a reason for loving you.
    I was doing great until I ran out of stars. Send SMS

  2. I would cross a thousand oceans just to hold you tight.
    I would climb a thousand mountains just to be with you every single night.
    Darling I miss you so much. Send SMS

  3. I finally got my past, present and future tenses correct today.
    I loved you.
    I love you.
    I will love you forever! Send SMS

  4. If you were to check my hand phone one day, you will realize that yours will be the one and only name that appears in my inbox, sent messages and dialed numbers folder. For anything associated with you, is just too precious to be deleted away. Send SMS

  5. My dear, you are to me, all that a woman should be. I love you endlessly. Send SMS

  6. Other men said they have seen angels,
    But I have seen thee
    And thou art enough.Send SMS

  7. I'd like to run away
    From you.
    But if you didn't come
    And find me ...
    I would die.Send SMS

  8. The moment I looked in your eyes I fell in love.
    Every time I look I fall in love again.
    I've looked so many times,
    and have gathered so much love.
    I have so much to carry with me
    I don't know what to do Send SMS

Phones are a blessing when it comes to expressing your innermost thoughts to her within seconds. You are always in touch with the love of your life. Romantic sms for girlfriends will act as a perfect reminder of your love. Send across your emotions and let her know her special place in your life. Bring a smile on her face and strengthen your relationship with your girl.

Love SMS Messages for Girlfriend

  1. I love my eyes when you look into them and I love my name when you say it. I fall in love with my life when I know you are in it.Send SMS

  2. I love the depth and breadth my soul can reach when loving each other and being so close together.Send SMS

  3. Loving you is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. You are the love of my life and you are all my dreams come true. Send SMS

  4. When I wake in the morning my first though is of you, because when I begin my day with you in my mind I know that the day will be perfect. Send SMS

  5. To love you is easy for you make all my dreams seem like they are reality. I know that having you in my life is the most perfect thing ever.Send SMS

  6. To love you is one of the easiest things to do for you make life seem so much more beautiful..I love you and never want to let go of you, for life without you would be miserable. Send SMS

  7. Since the moment you walked into my life, I have been able to see the wonder in almost everything around, the world seems like a beautiful place all over again and I know now how complete you make me feel. Send SMS

  8. Now that I have you in my life, I know that I shall never let you go, you have made me a better person and for that I am eternally grateful to you. Send SMS

  9. I have loved you forever, much before the day you went out with me, the moment that I first saw you I knew that you and I were meant to be together. Send SMS

  10. You are perfection and no one else can compare to you, being with you has been such a joy that I am thankful to the almighty for giving me a chance to be with you. Send SMS

  11. I love you, you are the reason why I can get up every morning looking forward to what the day has to offer. Thank you for being the reason why my life is just perfect right now. Send SMS

  12. Things will never be the same without you, and this is how I know that we belong together. You have given me hope and a cause to live, I would be so lost if it hadn't been for your love and care. Send SMS

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