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How to Make Your Girlfriend Smile

All people want to feel like they are loved, needed and appreciated. If you really want to make your girlfriend smile, and feel like she is one lucky woman to be with you, then it is time to turn on the romance. Here are some romantic tips and ideas to help get you started.

Look for Areas of Improvement
First of all you should look at your every day routines and see where you can “improve”. Do you just give a quick kiss on your way out the door, or only smooch your girl when you are hoping it will lead to something more? Be a real romantic and tell your girlfriend something sweet such as how much you care about her, how much you love her soft lips, anything that will make her feel happy.

Then look deep into her eyes, stare at her luscious lips, and kiss her like you are a hero out of one of her romance novels, like she is the only girl in the world for you. Kiss her passionately, tenderly, and with nothing more in your mind other than that moment and that kiss. This is sure to put a smile on her face, and ideas in her head… she might be the one dragging you off to the bedroom this time!

Random Kindness
The next thing you should do for your girlfriend is something nice for no reason. Sure a gift on Valentine's Day or your anniversary is sweet, but it is the unexpected gifts that make a girl feel really special! When was the last time you bought her roses for no reason at all other than you loved her and wanted to see her smile? It doesn’t even need to be a monetary gift.

Write out a romantic note in your own hand writing (no, not another quick text message) it doesn’t have to be a sonnet, just something in your own words telling her she is the girl you love. Leave this note in a place she is sure to find it. These small gestures are what make a girl feel wooed, and leave her with a smile from ear to ear. Bonus points if you send her flowers or gifts at work (if appropriate) for no particular reason. She will get to smile all day long while her colleagues tell her how jealous they are.

How to make your girlfriend smile
Learn Your Partner
If you really want to make her smile, then you will have to work a bit harder for this idea. Pay attention to her likes and dislikes, know if there is something she has been wanting, listen if she is upset about something. A gift that shows that not only were you thinking about her, but you were paying attention to her and really heard her will mean much more than a simple bouquet of flowers.

For example, was she upset last week because she lost one of the purple earrings in her favorite pair? Sneakily pilfer the remaining earring, bring it with you to the store and have a sales person help pick you out something in a similar style. Write a note saying you love her and hope this new pair of purple earrings will make her smile. Similar little situations like this pop up all the time if you are paying attention. Pull one of these off and you make it into the boyfriend hall of fame!

These are just a few basic ideas and tips to help get you started. Put on your romantic thinking cap and you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to make your girlfriend happy.

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