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How to Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

Is it worth it to keep dating a woman who is obviously insanely jealous about the female friends you have? Perhaps…some guys may actually find the Fatal Attraction-esque attention very ego stroking. What better boost is there for an attractive woman to say, “Hands off ladies…he’s mine!”

Jealousy - The Possession of You

The problem with jealousy is that it comes in many forms. There are “time bandits” (who may provoke a girlfriend’s jealousy if your friends steal you away from her), as well as home wreckers (the ones that ARE trying to destroy you) and the innocent boys and girls who really aren’t trying to start anything, but end up on the receiving end of a tongue lashing.

The question is; how can you control this woman, who by all logic, is trying to control you? Oh yes, there are some women out there who will not only bite the throat of other women who flirt with you, but who will forbid you to LOOK at another woman in the room. If this is happening to you, by all means, put a stop to it! You’re not going to be a very happy man if you continue to defer to your girlfriend (and later, your wife) on every decision.

We also don’t advise that you “sneak peeks” (wearing sunglasses and what not) because dishonesty is not a cure.

How to deal with a Jealous Husband

Here are some practical suggestions.

  1. Make sure you give your insecure girlfriend plenty of one on one attention.
One of the reasons she is acting out is because she desires more intimacy, more time and more understanding as to her inner thoughts.

  1. Never demean your girlfriend, and especially not in public.
The worst thing to do is be critical with a jealous woman. Don’t joke, don’t compare, don’t insult and don’t take her for granted just because you’re going through a jealousy tiff.

  1. Don’t lie just to appease her.
The easy thing to do is to hate whomever your girlfriend hates and to join her insecure assault on another women she envies. You can obviously take sides if hurt feelings are involved, but there’s no reason to join her disparaging comments if they are without merit. Honesty is the best policy and you must have the courage to speak your mind and tell her when she’s acting unreasonable, provided you are acting like a confident man and not a drooling boy.

  1. Indulge her fantasies for a change.
Your woman may NEVER fantasize or even look at another man out of fear of offending you. Therefore, it might be a good idea to indulge her thoughts for a change. Get her to admit male celebrities she finds attractive, or even other people you know. She will see that it’s no big deal to “look”. Remember though, you must be the strong one here and not let her gawking upset you.

  1. Make sure she’s satisfied sexually.
One reason many women dislike pornography is because men are pursuing this fun instead of putting in sexual and romantic time with them. This obviously creates conflict, because a woman will feel slighted by the lack of attention—worse yet, she will compare herself to those cartoony porn stars and will feel even worse! Give her more attention and watch the jealousy dissipate.

Remember lastly, in the end, you must ccept your girlfriend for who she is or date someone else. You cannot change who this woman is, though you can offer suggestions for improvement. If nothing seems to work, and the jealousy is becoming obsessive, you must have a heart to heart. 

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