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Top 10 Hobbies to Try with Your Girlfriend

Hey guys, are you worried that you haven’t been bonding enough with your main squeeze?  Don’t fret.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not into you or that her attention is wandering.

Sometimes two people can just fall into a rut of not communicating.  Why?  Well, because routines are boring!  Doing the same old things and talking about them is not great conversation. 

Instead, why not try something new and exciting as a couple?  This is a great way to enhance your relationship and become closer as lovers and friends.  Let’s consider ten fun hobbies that guys would actually enjoy trying out with their girlfriends.

1. The Drive In It’s not just romantic, it’s actually quite kitsch and retro!  This is what guys use to do to get closer to girls in the 1950s and it’s still a lot of fun today to go and watch old classics while you relax in your car.  Hey, you might be surprised at how comfortable it is when compared to a movie theater where you have to listen to other people make noise, or shove their feet against the back of the chair!  Why, you can even hear each other’s smart remarks about the action on screen!  This hobby is not just about enjoying great cinema it’s also about increasing the intimacy level!

2. Go Through Old Photos Guys...going through old photos is an amazing experience once you get into it.  You’re not just looking through old photos—you are reliving important memories of the past.  You can reminisce with your partner and talk about people you used to know, still know, and what shenanigans you pulled off way back when.  It’s a great way to converse and to empathize with the person your partner is inside.  Talking about old memories can make the two of you feel closer very quickly!

3. Create a Bucket List Remember that movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson called “The Bucket List?”  Well, you can play either Morgan or Jack…which means your girlfriend has to play the other guy.  Jeez, not a great visual, right?  Seriously though, creating a bucket list together is a great way to open up about your dreams, ambitions and greatest hopes.  Better yet, you can set aside a weekend to go and achieve some of your more simple bucket list ideas.  It sure beats doing nothing on a sunny day!

4. Craft Something for Each Other Crafting is only as fun as the end result—at least for guys.  So why not take up ceramic-molding or pottery and then create a gift for each other?  It sure beats buying soulless heirlooms at the mall.  When you put physical effort into a gift, it is far more romantic and personal.  If crafts aren’t your passion, then try painting or drawing, as they are easier to jump into. 

5. Start Your Own Garden This is something that both men and women can enjoy.  While one partner may admire the physical pleasures involved of handling earth and picking fruit (yes, it can be very comforting!) the other partner will appreciate the value of self-sustaining work.  Yes, you can grow your own vegetables, spices and fruits.  This will enable you to save money on groceries, help you become more independent, and help you to eat organically.  (And for once, you know this is TRUE organic food and not just a marketing ploy!) 

6. Converse in a Different Way Why not converse in a different way than you’re accustomed to?  For example, you might try going an entire day without talking to each other and instead writing down everything you were thinking.  It will allow for a more interesting conversation later that night when you can finally exchange letters.  However, if that’s not practical for your schedule then how about the act of writing a good, old-fashioned love letter?  Writing is an underappreciated talent and taking the time to say something beautiful and romantic is truly an honor your partner will appreciate.

7. Geo Caching A relatively new trend (and yet an ancient concept) is that of geo-caching.  Years ago, it was the easy game of hide and seek.  However, geo caching is catching on in the new generation through GPS systems and Internet forums.  Now, people all over the world intentionally hide objects and then post the coordinates for “gold seekers” who will discover a surprise treasure.  Not only is this fun in the childlike sense, but it’s also good exercise, and a way to get out of the house.  It’s all the more entertaining if you get to go to a new town and explore.

8. Become Connoisseurs Whether your food passion is dessert, wine or cigars, you can bond together by sharing cuisine experiences.  You can take a day to tour local wineries in town, or perhaps travel to the top rated restaurants in the area and compare notes on your personal reviews.  You can even take your message to Yelp and start publishing your shared reviews on local eateries.  The important thing is that you’re not just mindlessly eating—you’re noticing the subtle things about food and drink and sharing your thoughts with your partner.

9. Doing Charity Work Now don’t panic…we don’t mean doing community service or doing anything similarly disheartening.  However, volunteering for community projects is a great way to meet new people, do something positive for the community, and a way to bond together as soul mates doing good for others around you. 

10. Solve Mysteries Hey, it worked for Shaggy and Scooby!  Seriously, why not bond with your partner over your shared deductive experiences?  You can research on an old town urban legend and report back on your findings.  Bonus points if your investigation leads to a field trip.  The “mystery” of your choice can be practically anything, from local town lore to even infamous unsolved mysteries like proving or disproving the Loch Ness Monster.  The point is, you are researching things together and in essence, working together, all the while expanding your intellect.  It will make for great conversation! 

So guys, remember, doing more hobbies together is ultimately what will bring you closer to the woman you love!

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