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Conversation starters with your Girlfriend

So you have spotted a cute girl in a coffee shop. Or, you just can't take your eyes off that beautiful female at the next table at a restaurant? Or is it that you are smitten by a girl in your school, college or office? Whatever your case may be, you are desperately in need for some ice breakers to seal the deal. Okay, if not something that permanent, at least to take it to the next level - getting acquainted so that you can judge if you two gel (or not!).

Before you phrase your starters, there are a few basics to keep in mind. If your relationship is in its initial stage, please do not try to make too intimate conversations - your girl may be scared off. Don't make it a monologue - listening to the other person and letting her participate in the talk is the most crucial thing about an interesting conversation. When chatting with a long-time girlfriend, remember not to bring up old fights or unpleasant memories. Also, try not to keep a conversation unfinished.

Here are some examples that you can copy when in dire need. But make sure you personalize them before you direct them to your girlfriend so that they transform from being generic cool to personal warm -

  1. The book you are carrying seems interesting by its title. What did you like about it?

  2. What kind of music do you like?

  3. What do you like to do with your spare time?

  4. Are you interested in any sports?

  5. Could you help me to decide what to buy for my aunt's birthday?

  6. Do you think knowing a foreign language helps with career?

  7. I just noticed that you enrolled for a baking class. Do you have a sweet tooth?

  8. Do you still like watching cartoons?

  9. Is there a cause that you hold dear to your heart?

  10. Do you enjoy shopping in the festive season?

  11. Are you an early riser or you like to start your day late?

  12. Would you prefer coffee or tea?

  13. Would you like your beverage hot or cold?

  14. Do you like to travel?

  15. Have you ever visited country side?

  16. Do you like country-life or city-life better?

  17. Do you like pets?

  18. How do you feel about people not being punctual?

  19. I like the way this pink top looks on you. What's your favorite color?

  20. Are you enjoying your pizza? What is your favorite topping?

  21. Given a choice, where would you like to spend your vacation?

  22. Have you made a definite career plan yet?

  23. Your bag seems to be handmade. Are you into arts and crafts?

  24. I like the way your hair frames your face. Where do you go for a trim?

  25. Fashionable heels or comfortable flats - what's your preference in shoes?

  26. Have you ever indulged in a rain dance?

  27. How do you feel when some people categorize activities as girls' or boys'?

  28. Have you ever cried out of sheer happiness?

  29. Do you like to listen to music as you turn in for the day?

  30. What are some good movies you have watched lately?

  31. Do you enjoy watching old time classic movies?

  32. Do you think some colors are for girls and others for guys?

  33. Do you like to chat online?

  34. Twitter or Facebook - what's your favorite?

  35. Would you like a puppy or a kitten as a pet?

  36. Do you believe that "Men are from Mars" and "Women are from Venus"?

  37. Have you ever taken a really early morning walk?

  38. Do you like partying till the wee hours of the morning?

  39. Do you enjoy period dressing or costume parties as such?

  40. When can you concentrate on your studies more?

  41. Do you enjoy group studying?

  42. Do you have many friends or hang out with just a small bunch?

  43. How do you generally spend time after school/college/work?

  44. The greenery in the park seems really inviting. Would you like to take a stroll with me?

  45. I'm signing up for the debate team - how about you joining in too?

  46. Are you into accessorizing much or you believe in keeping it simple?

  47. Coloring hair scares you or excites you?

  48. Do you like watching soaps on TV?

  49. Would you enjoy spending a weekend in the wilderness?

  50. Do you still go gaga over soft toys?

Finally, please be a gentleman enough to avoid cliche pick-up lines. Trust me, most girls find them irritating and boring, and if your girl is too sensitive, she may even find some of them to be insulting.

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