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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

As soon as the Christmas and New Years' celebrations come to an end, shopkeepers begin rolling out heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and cupids.

Those of you who are in love probably begin wondering as to what you can get for your sweetheart to mark the occasion without being too cliche. Why not consider one of these ten unique Valentine's Day gift ideas to buck tradition?

Play your cards right and you'll do more than showing off your deepest feelings; you will also be the talk of the water cooler at work the next day.

Your Own Love Story
There is something about being able to see your name in a book; it gives the history of your relationship a special twist. Depending on how much time you have or what your budget is, you can pull that off! Some online companies offer to insert some basic details into a pre-written story, while the more creative types might allow you to come up with a children's book-like presentation.

Hire a Chef
Neither of you want to cook on Valentine's Day, which is completely understandable. Instead of going out to a crowded restaurant, why not bring in a personal chef to whip up some of your favorite cuisines or new dishes to expand your palette? You will save yourself the trouble of a homemade meal (minus the dishes, of course) and guarantee a delicious one.

Chocolate Bath
Yes, it's every woman's dream to eat her way out of a vat of melted chocolate but that's not what this gift idea is about. Some spas tout the benefits of dipping in a gently-warmed tub filled with the sweet treat as the oils are said to help the skin remain soft and smooth. And the delightful aroma is worth carrying around for a day or two later too.

Flight of Fancy
Chances are good, no matter where you are, that the evening of February 14th will arrive at the end of a long work day. Why not do something really unique and get above it all—literally? Many pilots offer charter flights in small aircraft or helicopters to give couples a romantic view of the cities they live in on lovevs own holiday. For an extra special touch, see if you can bring along a bottle of champagne to toast your relationship several hundred feet above the ground.

Personalized Quilt
Just a century ago, handmade keepsakes were the most common gifts given on any occasion. Dresses, pillows and other necessities were often stitched with particular designs to commemorate the occasion while remaining useful for the receiver. You can put a fresh twist on this idea by uploading some photos to a crafts site (there are plenty of them) that will turn them into a quilt featuring the two of you.

Add to a Collection
Everyone has something that he or she likes to gather and display. For him, it might be beer bottles from foreign countries while she might be into classic black-and-white prints from old Hollywood movies. Helping your sweetheart add to his or her already-impressive set of albums (or whatever) is a great way to show how much you know and love him or her.

Make a Video
Think it takes a lot of expensive equipment to create a beautiful presentation for your honey? No way! Almost every computer comes pre-loaded with software to make beautiful videos, so all you have to do is choose the photos and pick the music. For extra credit, you can record a love song in your own voice and get into it like you're hoping to be at the top of the Billboard charts.

Board Games
When you were younger, endless hours were passed rolling the dice or twirling the spin wheel to get from one square to the next. Now that you are in a relationship, you can rekindle that youthful exuberance with a board game made for two. There are several options available, so you can be as naughty or nice as you want—just make sure to order in time for delivery by February 14th.

Heart-Shaped Pillow
You may think this idea is cheesy at first glance, but you have to look at it with a different perception. Imagine giving your sweetheart a pillow shaped like a human heart. Perfect for the medical student or nurse you love more than anything, it provides a humorous turn to the traditional gift idea. Some models even have a small motor or speaker that allows them to o “beat!”

Star Bright
Are you the romantic type? Do you often spout off about how you would like to gift moon and stars to your beloved? Why not just buy him or her one of these? With trillions and trillions of stars out there, you can purchase the rights to name one—and attach your sweetie's to it. Nothing is more timeless than the night sky (besides your love, of course).

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