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Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts/ Best Valentine's Day Gifts 2014

When you are out shopping for your sweetheart, it’s easy to get caught up in the feeling that you are buying the exact same thing dozens of other people are buying for their significant others.  In order to avoid all the clichés, you can opt for one of these ten personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas instead.

Being unique is a key to show your dearest how much he or she means to you – and give him or her the opportunity to brag about your thoughtfulness to friends and coworkers the next day.  A little preparation (as well as a few trips to your favourite search engine) will give you a leg up on all the commers buying similar boxes of chocolates in the “best present” sweepstakes.

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas


For most people, this is the obvious choice when it comes to personalized gifts – and with good reason. This is because, there are many options in this category than any other.  Thanks to the Internet, there are nearly limitless choices for shapes you can engrave with a special message for your dearest.  It’s more a matter of how much you are willing to spend than anything or how much you care.


If you are looking for something that fits your sweetie’s individual tastes, yet still has a bit of common appeal, then you can create a playlist filled with love songs in the particular genre your partner enjoys most. If your partner likes dancing then close dance is the best fit for you. Even if you aren’t all that sure about what lights his or her fancy, you can still come up with a bunch of classic tunes that ignite the spirit of romance in everyone.

Poetry and Letters

Yes, the idea of writing out your own thoughts probably conjures the image of someone working by candlelight, slumped over their desk with a quill in hand, but the reality couldn’t be any further from the truth.  By taking the time to create a bit of prose the subject of your sweetheart’s charms, you are sure to give her the best and most personalized of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Custom Stuffed Animal

Who doesn’t love a cute plush bear?  With the wide number of shops allowing customers to create a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal, you will literally make your sweetie something that no one else could possibly have.  For an extra bit of individuality, opt to place a recorder inside the animal with a your own voice saying, “I love you!”

Throw Pillow

One of the most basic personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas is a soft pillow for your honey to rest his or her head on.  There are dozens of designs available featuring all sorts of materials.  Depending on how good you are with a needle and thread, you can even make it yourself from any fabric you have lying around the house!These are perfect to be placed around.

Photo Frames

The two of you probably have had dozens of pictures taken together, so why not customize a plain frame to fit the depth of your love?  There are many different methods to choose from, including paint or glue that will allow you to turn an inexpensive frame into a keepsake cherished by your sweetheart for years to come. Such gifts are heartwarming for the either partner always.

Message in a Bottle

We all remember the idea of a sun-baked note being carried by a clear piece of glass across miles of open ocean only to wash ashore in a distant land from Hollywood movies, which is why you can let these little love messages “appear” in various place your dearest heads over the course of a day – in a desk drawer, on a counter, beside a cup of tea, etc.

Coffee Mugs

When it comes to personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas, very few items can be purchased in pairs.  However, when it comes to the morning cup of coffee, there is a built-in opportunity for the two of you to enjoy something together.  You might, for example, choose to put a picture of the two of you on each one or just have your cutesy nicknames for each other printed on the sides.  There are all sorts of choices to give your freshly-brewed mug an expression of love.

Bath Robe

One of the underrated luxuries of visiting a hotel is the lavish linens and towels available.  Why not give your sweetie the feeling of a high-class suite every morning with a customized bath robe to put on?  He or she will enjoy the warmth of the soft cloth against his or her skin after drying off from the shower, making the transition to work clothes all that much more enjoyable.


If you are looking for a bit more of a saucy gift to surprise your love with, the best option is a customized item of clothing to slip into as your evening shifts toward a more intimate ending.  Depending on your budget, you can go for a basic white pair of boxers with a naughty name scrawled all over them or choose a completely custom piece of lingerie.  Either way, you can guarantee your Valentine’s Day will end on a hot note. Make every moment special!
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