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Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Life is busy, which is why you should be forgiven in the event you get sidetracked and forget to pick up a gift for your sweetheart on February 14th – that doesn’t mean it will happen, of course!  If you have been tied up and are in a rush, grab one of these ten last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas to keep you out of trouble.  You might feel like they aren’t as good but, if you know your dearest well and purchase something that fits his or her interests, chances are pretty good he or she will be none the wiser!

Homemade Sweets

When it comes to Valentine’s Day itself, there is nothing quite as simple as getting into the kitchen and making your honey’s favorite dessert.  It shows how much you pay attention to his or her sweet tooth and, because it will have to cook while you are eating, it gives the illusion of you having thought ahead of time in order to give them the freshest treats possible.

Digital Music and Movies

Nowadays, almost everyone has a media player of some kind, whether their smartphone or a standalone device for MP3s and video.  You can purchase a few songs or a flick or two for your sweetie and make them available for download, allowing the romance to last well beyond Valentine’s Day itself.  For extra credit, pick some tunes or films you know your dearest enjoys.

Print Your Own Card

There are dozens of sites online that will help you create your own greeting card using high-quality art, which makes this one of the ten last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas that is easiest to pull off.  You just have to put in your own words and print off the page – the only thing that could trip you up is what to say, but you can do a quick search to find that, too.

Add Some Flair to Your Store-Bought Bouquet

Did you pick up a bouquet of roses on your way home?  That’s pretty lame, unless you find a way to make it unique.  Why not incorporate some chocolates to give the display a mix of two traditional presents associated with love’s own holiday?  Grab a bag of plain barbecue skewers and make some “candy kebabs,” then slide them in between the flowers.

Travel on a Budget

Regardless of how much money you have, there are dozens of options available for travel you can book at the last minute.  These “flash sales” are a great way to pick up a fantastic discount, if you are able to get away on short notice – sometimes you can plan a great trip for as much as 70% off!

Monthly Deliveries of Your Sweetie’s Favorites

Thanks to Hollywood jokesters, the idea of a subscription to a “_____-of-the-month” club has gotten a bum rap.  It is, however, a phenomenal way to broaden your love’s horizons in a culinary area he or she already enjoys.  There are all sorts of choices out there, everything from brownies to beef jerky – whatever strikes his or her fancy, there is probably a company willing to deliver it.

Dance Lessons

This choice may be the most romantic of the ten last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas you’ll find here.  What better way to guarantee the two of you will be holding each other close than by taking some dancing lessons?  Many studios will offer specials around the holiday, which means you can make a phone call or quick stop for a gift certificate and you are well on your way.

Gift Cards for “Necessities”

Does your sweetie have a coffee addiction?  Is your love obsessed with hiking?  You might feel like a gift card is a cop out, but in these cases it really shows how well you know the person that has captured your heart.  If it’s not an interest you share, you might be unable to pick the “right thing” and will save him or her the trouble of having to process of a return, a major plus.

A Beloved Bottle or New Vintage

If you are in a relationship with a wine lover or beer fanatic, a stop at the nearest supermarket can end up being the ideal way to pick up the perfect gift for just a few dollars.  If you can find an exotic label or know of one your sweetie reaches for every time, you will end up with one of those straightforward presents that makes you look brilliant.

Go Shopping Together

If, in the end, you are unable to come up with a good choice – even after reading through this list – guarantee your sweetheart time to go shopping together.  You can present him or her with an allowance and say, “I want you to get what you really want instead of making a guess.  Let’s go!”  Though he or she might be a bit shocked, the fact you are considerate of his or her needs and are making time to spend with each other will end up being a big benefit.

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