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Homemade Valentines Day Gift Ideas

When you have a tight budget, you naturally begin looking for the least expensive options to show your sweetheart how much difference he or she makes to your life. In order to display your romantic feelings without breaking the bank, take a look at these ten homemade Valentine gift ideas that, depending on what you have lying around the house, can be made for just a few dollars or with supplies you have in your craft drawer. Ultimately, it's the thought that counts, so put this personal touch on your gifts and you will make a great impression.

  • Breakfast in Bed: The first (and maybe best) idea is to help your sweetheart start the day off right. If you have been paying attention over the years, you would certainly have an idea of what he or she loves to eat, which gives you the opportunity to present him/ her with a delicious filling breakfast in bed. Opting for pancakes, French toast or waffles may be a good idea rather than choosing something that may spill on the bed and create a big mess.

  • Love Coupons: Have some paper? A marker? Great! You can create a series of love coupons for your sweetie that can be redeemed for affection of all kinds. Coupons stating, I love you or I want to be with you may seem cliche thus it is suggested to go for more personalized notes. For instance, guarantee to watch her favorite reality TV show next time it's on or to snuggle up with him on the couch for the action movie he wants to see without complaining.

  • Poetry and Letters: Nobody on the planet would honestly tell you they don’t want a love letter on Valentine’s Day. Regardless of how good you are with words, the fact you spent the time to shape a personal message about your feelings for your honey means much more than the average Hallmark card could ever muster. Don't worry about coming up with something timeless, speak from the heart.

  • Construction Paper Cards: Most people must have spent at least one February 14th in elementary school making a heart out of construction paper to share with a beloved parent or grandparent, which is why spending an afternoon creating a special one for your sweetie is guaranteed to bring a smile to his or her face. If you are the artsy type, you can even turn your handwriting into a child-like scrawl that says, 'Be Mine'.

  • Photo Collages: You probably have dozens of pictures of the two of you scattered all over the place, so why not put some of them together as an ode to your history together? Tech-savvy lovers can use photos downloaded from your favorite social media site and turn them into a digital collage fit for a desktop or mobile wallpaper, for example, that will go wherever your dearest goes.

  • Heart-shaped Cakes: Most people go with cookies when it comes to distinctly-shaped baked goods, which is why your love will be surprised when you deliver a perfectly-frosted cake shaped like a heart to the table that's just the right size for the two of you. If you have any skill in the kitchen, this will allow you to make something personal without using a whole lot of ingredients.

  • Romantic CDs or iPod Playlists: Music is the way to most hearts, regardless of what era you are from. Gather together a selection of classic and contemporary love songs to burn into a CD or store as an iPod playlist, and gift it to your honey. This way, every time he or she plays it, the Valentine's Day memory will bring a smile to his or her face.

  • Personal Pillows: Almost everybody has an old T-shirt or two that has seen better days but still shows up in the rotation. Want to help our guy or gal hold on to the memory despite the fact the fabric is falling apart? Turn the cherished article of clothing into a throw pillow! Though he or she might not be thrilled to lose an "old faithful" at first, the fact you have preserved it for long beyond the last washing will mean a lot.

  • A Storybook Fairy Tale of Your Own: Much like the greeting cards mentioned above, you can use paper to create a romantic story about the two of you in the form of well-loved children's books. Let your imagination run wild_through the Old West, King Arthur's Court, anywhere! and create a fanciful tale of your dashing prince and beautiful damsel.

  • Custom Glassware: Your local craft store is a treasure trove of inexpensive ideas, if you are willing to hunt around a little. One great way to commemorate your evening together is to create special glasses with some special paint from the local hobby store. Write a quote from Romeo & Juliet or steal a line from a famous poem_whatever you think will help your sweetheart feel loved_to make it a very special Valentine's Day.

  • Romantic gift hamper:Pick up any jute or leather bag/pouch from the store and also some attractive red/ping papers, along with some matching lace and ribbons, colorful beads, soft hearts made up of cotton balls and sparkling stars you will need for decoration. Now cover the bag/pouch with the red/pink cover and decorate it as you like. Now it is the time to fill it. You can't forget chocolates on Valentine day; hence put plenty of chocolates of different shapes and sizes. Put a scented candle preferably pink/red/soft color and off-course a love note. Capture the moment when he/she opens the hamper and blushes!

  • Prepare dessert of choice: This is a wonderful homemade gift if your beloved has a sweet tooth. You can choose the flavor he/she likes otherwise chocolate cakes are all time favorites. Don't forget to give it the shape of heart, as that sets the mood of the occasion. Now comes the most creative part of the gift-the icing on the cake. Prepare icing sugar red in color and write a love note/poem/message for your sweetheart. Not only the sweetness of the cake but the gesture will also be highly appreciated and honored.

  • Prepare a Scrapbook: If you have carefully treasured those little but memorable pieces of your love life, you can prepare a wonderful gift out of it this valentine for your valentine. The first love letter or the first rose given while proposing or tickets of the first movie seen together can be stuck on it and you can also add your personal touch to the scrapbook with red markers and glitters. This will be seen as an emblem of eternal love between you two and will be something really creative. Leave pages in the scrapbook for more memories coming up together.

  • Collage of memorable moments:This idea is better and lot more creative than a conventional photo album. Collect some good photographs of the two of you and create a photo collage carefully so that the true essence of those beautiful moments can be obtained. If possible, try to arrange them in such a way so that it seems like a story-starting from the first date, to some moments at the movie halls, coffee shops, malls, etc till date. The moment he/she takes a glance, every memory should reoccur in his/her mind making him/her happy.

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