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Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

If you think that Valentine Day is celebrated only among lovers, then perhaps it’s time you think out of the box.

Valentine day can be celebrated for anyone you love, and kids form a big space in the life of the parents. The trend of gifting prevails here also and when it t comes to gift to kids, what can be better than a homemade gift?

It will have a personal touch also and you don’t need to bang your head to find it out in stores, where only couples have an edge over anyone else. Try out these simple ideas for a rocking family V-Day this year!

  1. Colorful stationary holders: One of the best gifts for the school-goers! All you need is a rectangular box or a circular votive and some colors and decorative items. Wrap it in red crepe or sand paper to make it look like a Valentine gift and put sparkling stars and hearts on it. You can write motivational and inspiring messages on the finished product to add your personal touch as a parent.

  2. Homemade candies/sweets/chocolates/cakes: all kids love these, don’t they? Interestingly, kids being not that judgmental won’t even criticize your preparation, so whatever you make, they will like it. You can give a shape of heart to the cocoa products or you can give different colors to those candies so that they look like jewels. For cakes, chocolate flavor is not even resisted by elders, and especially for kids you can also make strawberry or mango preparations.

  3. Photo album: whatever be the age, you can create a photo album for his/her starting from those memories since birth. Take time to choose the best of the photos and with every one stuck on the album; write two or three lines beside to make it memorable for him/her even if he grows up.

  4. Homemade cards: cards are for every occasion so how can you forget it at V-day. Buy a simple card and decorate it the way your little one likes it. Draw pictures of his favorite superhero or her favorite Barbie doll and personalize the card with his/her favorite quotes. Make it big as much as possible so that it draws his/her attention.

  5. Handmade toys:which kid doesn’t love toys? Everyone does and hence it can be a best option for gifts during V-Day. Try to keep the colors according to the occasion, like red or pink. Teddy bears happen to be the favorite among the kids. You can also make cater-pillars or dolls as per the mood and choice of you cutie.

  6. Cardboard castles: Prepare a castle made up of cardboard papers and decorate it well. Buy small toys of kings, queens, soldiers and decorate the castle at appropriate places. Especially boys will like it and girls may also appreciate it, if you keep the theme more with Barbie dolls and others. You can also make a puppet theatre and for some nice shows in the evening with puppets to make him/her giggle with pleasure.

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